Traitor Shep Smith Just Got Brutal Wake-Up Call For His Sickest Trump Smear Yet, He’s Done

ELDER PATRIOT – President Donald Trump keeps leading the mainstream establishment media’s (MSEM) liberal reporters to shit and they keep stepping in it.  This would be laughable if Americans weren’t dependent on these partisan hacks for their information.

Yesterday, Fox News’ resident unconscious liberal Shep Smith joined the other MSEM fake news propagandists by stating that, “It is the reporting of Fox News that widespread voter fraud did not happen. There’s no evidence that widespread voter fraud happened, there never has been.”

Shep turned to his “expert” guest A.B. Stoddard who reiterated that, “widespread voter fraud never happened.”

Stoddard even resorted to the tired refrain, “how much is this going to cost the taxpayer.” 

Hey, A.B. why don’t you have the same concerns over how much all the illegal immigrants cost the U.S. taxpayers?  The total cost of welfare benefits alone to households headed by immigrants is over $103 billion annually.  Add in the costs associate with drug enforcement efforts, the cost of border protection, the cost of medical care they require, the cost of building and staffing schools, increased policing costs, increased court costs including public defenders, increased FBI surveillance costs, increased auto insurance rates to cover uninsured immigrant drivers, the displacement costs associated with displaced native-born workers that includes welfare and unemployment costs, the devastating effects of violent crime, etc., etc. and it’s clear these liberal freaks don’t care about any costs except the cost of investigating their fraud and how they use it to maintain power.

These two liberal sycophants walked right into the trap Trump had set for them.

Shortly after Smith and Stoddard finished propagandizing Trump announced his intention to audit our voting system to guarantee it hasn’t been corrupted.

You would think that this would meet with bi-partisan approval.  After all, didn’t President Obama’s head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson declare protecting the sanctity of the vote part of our nation’s critical infrastructure only three months ago?

And, didn’t Pelosi just say, “All we want is the truth for the American people?” 

Perhaps of most significance, after only one day Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia announced that his private investigation has already turned up definitive evidence that Hillary Clinton received at least 800,000 votes from illegal immigrants.  That couldn’t have cost too much, could it?

In retrospect shouldn’t Sheppard have been less strident in declaring there was absolutely, positively, beyond any argument no chance that there was even a single instance of voter fraud?

While Mr. Richman wants you to believe this is the full extent of voter fraud in the last election he offers no evidence that it is other than his assertion that it is.  His claim comfortably allows Mrs. Clinton and the Dems to continue repeating that she won the popular vote but he never explains how he gained access to every voting machine in every precinct in the country to verify his findings.

If a member of the liberal education establishment has already admitted to finding nearly a million fraudulent votes in less than twenty-four hours then a non-partisan and more thorough examination by investigators given full access is likely to turn up many, many multiples of illegal voting. 

Why would Democrats, Republicans and their liberal sycophantic followers not want a complete audit of our voting system?  Wouldn’t such a non-partisan examination reveal evidence of Russian interference as they have claimed?  Or, would it explode the myth that liberals have the support of Americans?

Shep Smith has lost any credibility as an impartial journalist.  He has proven to be a tool of the far left globalists.  Now that he has been exposed as such let’s hope Fox continues giving him the airtime so that we can continue discrediting him and the left for which he speaks.