You Are Being Tooled: Congressional Black Renews Demands For Reparations

Elder Patriot – Democrat Representative John Conyers of Michigan has been joined by members of the Congressional Black Caucus and other Dems in introducing another in his long line of bills demanding that reparations be paid to African Americans for slavery that ended more than 8 generations ago.

Coming on the heels of Charlottesville as it does should prove to everyone that Conyers is another leftist with no interest in helping heal the divisions that they have deliberately orchestrated.

It’s just more proof that the Dems and their MSM propaganda arm are conflating the racial animus in furtherance of their attempts to spark a civil war as they attempt to derail the Trump agenda.

If you don’t think this is all being orchestrated then what do you say about Republicans who stand by silently rather than calling out these legislators for their socially divisive rhetoric that serves no one, especially at this racially charged time? 

Why is socially divisive rhetoric appropriate when it is spewed in one direction but reprehensible when it is spewed in the other direction?

The legislation would establish a commission that would determine whether the U.S. government owes reparations to the four million blacks that were slaves between 1619 and 1865.  None of those slaves are alive today.  Nor are their children.

Similarly, none of the taxpayers who would foot the costs of these reparations were alive during that time either.  In fact, most of today’s taxpayers that would be held responsible weren’t even in America as the time.  Nor, were their ancestors.

Try describing the events that are unfolding today to a child and you’re likely to get this response:

Wake up, America!