It Took Trump One Day in the Middle East to Expose the Entire Obama-Media Myth

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia to a royal greeting.  Now why would that be?  Especially when we remember back to Obama’s last visit and the muted welcome he received.  Why would Trump, an “Islamophobic” enemy, be feted with such pomp and circumstance?  What do they know about President Trump that you haven’t been told?

Before the day was over, Donald Trump had moved his vision of an Arab alliance, similar to NATO, immeasurably closer to fruition.  The alliance would unite the more moderate Sunni nations in their fight against the strident Shia nations that are dominated by Iran. 

Within hours of his arrival President Trump had secured an agreement from the Saudi government to buy $110 billion dollars from our defense contractors immediately, and an additional quarter of a trillion dollars over ten years.

Trump rightly boasted to reporters, “That was a tremendous day, tremendous investments in the United States.  Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Of even greater significance, this is the first step in enabling peaceful Muslims to fight their own battles, hopefully reducing the need for American military intervention in the near future.

NBC reported that, “American and Saudi flags lined the highways of the country’s capital, Riyadh, along with billboards featuring Trump’s face. Trumpets played and jets flew overhead streaming red, white and blue contrails. 

“The fanfare contrasted with the low-key reception offered to former President Barack Obama last year. That visit followed a fraying of U.S.-Saudi ties, while Trump’s arrival is seen by both administrations as an opportunity to reset the relationship, especially after the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran that Riyadh vehemently opposed.”

Whoa, this is a far cry from the media’s portrayal of the entire Islamic world as being leery of the supposedly Muslim hating Trump.  It also puts the lie to the media myth that Obama was widely loved among the nations of the Middle East.

Considering that one’s actions while in office speak much louder than the words they may have spoken during the campaign – just ask establishment politicians about that – the courts will be forced to reconsider the basis for their opposition to Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from radicalized Islamic nations.

Trump’s initiative also paved the way for a number of other U.S. corporations to announce ancillary deals worth many tens of billions of dollars as well after Trump’s announcement.  And, those are just commitments for the short term.

This wasn’t Trump wielding a magic wand.  It was classic Trump and it exposed Barack Obama as a major enabler of radicalism. 

Remember, Obama gave Iran $154 billion dollars and a pathway to nuclear arms. 

By contrast, Trump will be coming home with nearly a half trillion dollars in contracts as well as a counter-weight to radical Islam simply by promoting the moderate Sunni nations’ ability to defend themselves against Iranian hegemony.

This should, at the least, minimize the burden on America’s military.  That means cost savings for the American taxpayers and raises the likelihood that the lives of our great young Americans will be put a risk less often.

This is exactly why the Swamp never gave Trump a honeymoon.  Imagine what he could accomplish if only Congress and the Senate cared to help.