It’s Time to Pardon Assange so that He Can Put a Stake in the Russian Collusion Narrative For Good

Elder Patriot – Julian Assange contends he has indisputable evidence that Russians hackers were not the sources for the WikiLeaks dumps of the DNC and Clinton campaign CEO John Podesta’s emails.

While the Trump-Russian collusion narrative was hot the mainstream media matrix avoided Assange’s assertions like the plague.  It’s not hot any longer and it has occupied the public consciousness for too long.  Why doesn’t anyone want to hear what Assange has to offer?

What we do know of WikiLeaks has proven to be universally accurate.  We also know that the Dems’ outrageous claims of President Trump’s ineptitude, lack of preparedness, bigotry, sexism, etc., have proven to be false.

With the Dems’ credibility plummeting the time to dispense with this witch-hunt is past due.

Back in September of 2017, Assange offered to tell everything in exchange for a pardon from President Trump. 

Democrats have blocked his testimony; terrified of what he might reveal.  They have pegged the entire future of their party on illegal immigration and removing President Trump from office.

Democrats have spent the last year and a half charging Trump with everything from treason to crimes against humanity.  Their outrage has been long on innuendo and short on facts because, as Adam Schiff told us, we’re too stupid to understand the facts.

The Democrats base lives on innuendo and hate.

Here’s what we should consider; a pardon for Assange would be no worse than the immunity Comey granted Hillary’s staff who actually did commit treason in violation of their sworn oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Their immunity was a precursor to what amounted to Hillary Clinton, who may truly be the most egregious criminal in U.S. history, being granted a walk.

These decisions also resulted the Dems continuing to protect the secret societies that Clinton and Obama seeded throughout the government.

In the alternative, there is a strong likelihood that a presidential pardon of Assange will put to rest the phony Russian narrative that served as the pretense for Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

Mueller is intent on destroying innocent people if that is what it takes to protect Clinton and Obama’s co-conspirators.  What harm would it be if Assange were to be given the opportunity to clear the air?  If he’s lying the pardon could be rescinded and Trump would be left with egg on his face.

What are Democrats afraid of?

The result could lead to a long overdue and well warranted government cleansing.

Unlike Clinton and Obama, Assange no longer poses a threat to the American people.  It’s questionable that he ever did unless the truth is the enemy of the people.

One thing we have learned is that truth is the enemy of Democrats.