It’s Time to Hold Politicians to the Same Legal Standards as They Hold The Rest of Us To

ELDER PATRIOT – An illegal immigrant who was in the custody of Denver police was wanted by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because he was a know gang member.  ICE agents asked the DPD to alert them before releasing him so that he could be picked up for deportation. 

Even had ICE not requested being given custody of this miscreant the Denver Police had access to the Colorado gang database that listed him as a criminal alien gang member.  The DPD opted to release him, anyway.  Three weeks later he robbed and murdered a hardworking citizen. 

It is the contention of this writer that the dead man’s family should have the right to sue the Denver Police Department and government policy makers charged with overseeing the implementation of the policies that they set.  Additionally, the family should be allowed to bring lawsuits against those who made the decision to release him.

As a former liquor license holder, government policy makers determined that I was responsible for the health and safety of my patrons.  This meant that if someone was injured after frequenting my bar, or while they were still on the premises, I would be responsible for financial and possibly punitive damages.

Government policy makers only required plaintiffs to establish negligence on the part of my employees or myself in order to establish liability for both my business and for my employees and for me, personally.  Negligence simply means that my employees or I ignored warning signs that a trained operator should have acted on to prevent the injury.

All of those elements are present in the case of the DPD when it came to the release of a known criminal with violent tendencies.

Americans must ask, “Why are business owners held to higher standards than those who write the laws they must abide by?