Tick Tock – Huber Questions Clinton Foundation Whistleblower

Elder Patriot – According to investigative reporters John Solomon and Sara Carter something big is about to break after the weekend that might explain the intensified manic reporting that we experienced this past week by the mainstream media targeting President Trump.

This would explain the media’s increasingly over-the-top – and irrational interpretation of what’s legal and what’s illegal – assault on the president and his family that is an attempt to sway public opinion ahead of the far more damaging news about to be announced.

It’s widely accepted by corrupt D.C. politicians that when bad news is going to break the best way to survive is to get out in front of it.  That appears to be exactly what they’ve done.

Now listen to Solomon and Carter preview the news that will shake Washington to it’s core on Monday:

John Solomon:

“I’ll give you some breaking news right now, Sean. Just two hours ago federal prosecutors assigned to John Huber, the US attorney investigating the Clintons, reached out to a whistleblower in the Clinton Foundation – The first time we’ve seen contact between a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and that particular federal office. That just happened tonight.”

Sara Carter:

“I think we’ve got a lot to look forward to on Monday , Sean.  And I think that the American people are going to see that there was happenings behind the scenes at the FBI as well as the Department of Justice.  And Michael Horowitz has been doing a very deep dive into this… There’s gonna be a lot of breaking news in the next month and the months to come.”

Throughout the investigative process, Carter and Solomon have behaved as responsible journalists.  As usual for them, when discussing this important breaking news they made no claims as to the expected outcome of Huber’s findings, unlike the rantings of the mainstream “destroy Trump” media.

Carter and Solomon are worth listening to because they have consistently restricted their reporting to facts, only.

They are as well read into the Clinton web of corruption as anyone but they refuse to allow themselves to get too far over their skis with salacious headlines.  So when they speak it’s worth listening.

Remember this New York Times headline from April 23, 2015?

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

Like we said, the Clintons always use their control over the media to get ahead of damning news.

President Trump, ever the skilled counter puncher, is obviously aware of what’s about to become public.  Despite being preoccupied at the G-20 in Buenos Aires he advised his followers, via Twitter, to give a listen:

Everyone who deliberately ignored, or openly dismissed, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ appointment of federal prosecutor Jon Huber may want to reconsider the words of Constitutional law expert, Jonathan Turley following Huber’s appointment:


“You have a U.S. attorney outside of Washington who has the ability to prosecute cases, who is working with an inspector general who has already made findings against McCabe.”


“I think people are missing what may be a brilliant move by Sessions.

“What he did is he essentially combined the powers of the inspector general with the powers of an aligned prosecutor.

“This prosecutor does have not just the experience and training to look for a criminal case, he has the ability to move a case of that kind.”


“He [Horowitz] is known as a dogged investigator.

Huber doesn’t have any skin in the game.  He’s now part of the beltway. He’s not part of what people usually refer to as the Deep State.”

Not part of the Deep State.  That’s something that can’t be said about special counsel Robert Mueller.

Tick Tock…