Why Do You Think Oligarch Billionaires Are Funding the Black Lives Matter Movement?

ELDER PATRIOT – Everyone loves someone else’s money, especially billionaire oligarchs who feed so voraciously from the public trough.  For them the status quo is fine even if that means the person feeding from the trough next to them is on welfare.  They consider that the cost of doing business.  That is why, according to Politico, financial heavyweights like Tom Steyer, Paul Egerman, Steve Phillips, Susan Sandler, Rob McKay and George Soros are funding the BLM Movement.

After President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 making it the cornerstone legislation of his War on Poverty, he reportedly said “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democrat for two-hundred years.”

Johnson was right, just like the super-rich oligarchs, welfare recipients love someone else’s money too.  In fact, set against the backdrop of failing schools and diminished economic prospects, they have become addicted to it.

Whether or not Johnson actually made such a heinous comment is really irrelevant as history bears witness to the statement’s accuracy. 


The last half-century has seen Blacks vote for the Democratic presidential nominee at an 88% rate.  In the seven elections prior to the legislation’s passage Black support for the Democratic nominee averaged less than 70%.

The only problem for Blacks is that for them the status quo isn’t fine.  In the inner cities where leftists have held political power exceeding a half-century their schools are failing, their families have failed, drug use is rampant, violence is a daily threat, and their workforce participation has dropped.  Under President Obama things have gotten steadily worse.

This has not happened by accident.  The 1964 legislation intentionally destroyed the Black family by forcing parental recipients of aid to live apart.  Prior to 1964 Black babies were born to intact nuclear families 93% of the time.  Today, that number is almost reversed with 73% of Black babies born to a single mother.

During an interview earlier this year Megyn Kelly asked Tavis Smiley,On the subject of race, are we better off today than seven years ago?”

Smiley’s response was honest if incredibly disappointing: “On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories”.

So, realizing that a Black president only made their plight worse, Blacks really had little reason to be excited about voting this November, especially with the oligarch’s queen bee Hillary Clinton promising a third Obama term. 

This has been confirmed by Big Data Analytics, a highly sophisticated propriety software developed by CulturIntel™ that allows users to know what people really think when they aren’t concerned about revealing personal biases.  This is because the results are arrived at by mining political intelligence from the Internet.  The software leverages the power of big data analysis using artificial intelligence, keyword Boolean, search analysis, keyword spiders, site scraping, text analytics and machine learning/tagging.  Because the sample size is in the tens of millions rather than the usual polling sample sizes that range between 400 and 2000 respondent it has proven incredibly more accurate than traditional polling. 

The Obama-Clinton team knows all about Big Data Analytics having been pioneer beneficiaries of it in the past.  BDA told them they have a large and growing problem in the Black community where Black support had dropped to pre 1964 levels.  This threw the Clinton campaign into a panic and forced Hillary to demand President Obama do something to save her campaign and his legacy.


Enter Black Lives Matter, The New Black Panther Party, and a president prepared to use the color of his skin in order to fan the flames of racism.  And then they turned to their billionaire donors to fund the bellows of racial division.

There’s no question that shootings where the races of police and the victim are different will be emotionally charged and every victim and their families deserve a full and complete investigation with appropriate consequences if the findings lead there.  But we already have that with civilian review boards, internal affairs within the various policing agencies and our criminal court system that is headed by Obama’s Department of Justice. Obama could have simply and responsibly highlighted the safeguards that are already in place and asked for calm while all of this gets sorted out. 

But that would not have helped Hillary’s electoral chances.  With emotions running high an explanation along those lines by President Obama or Hillary Clinton would fail to energize Black voters that they have become so dependent on for success this November.  So instead they have sowed the seeds of a race war against white police officers. 

Electoral success isn’t the only reason global oligarchs like Clinton and Obama are content creating this wholly unnecessary race-based crisis America is now embroiled in.  For them every crisis represents an opportunity to advance their agenda of moving political control as far from the people as possible.

This has allowed them to open the door to a discussion of nationalizing control over the police.  Evidence that this is the Obama-Clinton plan was first raised by then candidate Obama in 2008 when he said, We’ve got have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as the U.S. military.]”

Later as president, Obama made good on advancing his agenda of a nationalized police force with the formation of The President’s Task Force On 21st Century Policing

Obama and Clinton know these demonstrations are not helpful to the Black community.  That was handled decades ago when the problem was a real one.  But, properly managed it can be helpful to them.

In this video Malcom X spoke to the Black community about being political chumps”


Like LBJ before her Hillary Clinton is ginning up a problem among Black voters that doesn’t exist and can only end with policies that make matters worse, only as a help to her chances of winning the presidency.

And, just as LBJ’s War on Poverty did, it will strengthen the oligarchs’ control over all of us – Black and White.