Marxists Get Their Comeuppance Today: President Trump Will Get to Rip Up Your Articles of Impeachment – Take That Bitch

If there was any doubt about the Democrats’ descent into open Marxism their party’s leader Nancy Pelosi erased it last night.

Speaker of the House Pelosi was so disgusted with President Trump’s Blue Collar Boom, that has fueled the Great American Recovery, that she and her fellow Marxists sat on their hands while the president ran through a list of life-bettering successes.

She has only herself to blame for President Trump.

It was under her leadership that corrupt Democrats turned Marxists moved to:

  •  seize control of the healthcare industry, 
  • passed Dodd-Frank that turned the financial system into a vice designed to crush mainstreet business, 
  • gutted our factories and shipped blue-collar jobs anywhere but here, 
  • gutted our military – in particular our great war fighters, 
  • demanded open borders that allowed opioids to decimate our families and our communities,
  • And led the move for sanctuary cities where criminal illegal aliens walk free for crimes that the rest of us are punished for.

Democrats once owned the blue collar vote.  Pelosi gave them the double-barrel middle finger.  No one in her party should get a pass because they voted for her to be their leader.

Trump’s “crime” was that he spoke the truth to those blue collar workers and promised to restore their lives and families.  From that moment forward, he was in the Democrats’ crosshairs:

Impeachment clown Jerrold Nadler (Marxist-NY) spoke only days after President Trump’s election:

Trump’s performance as president translated into better lives for Americans, making Democrat/Marxists need to remove him, before Americans had further improvement to their lives, even more urgent.

The view from here is that only Marxists or Stalinists would recoil against the success of the people they govern and use the levers of a police state to destroy a person who dares make life better for the vast majority of the country’s citizens.

Pelosi was aware of President Obama’s illegal surveillance of Donald Trump as well as the framing of Lt. General Michael Flynn, a patriot, and did nothing to stop it.  

It was Pelosi’s choice to impeach President Trump by allowing Adam Schiff to employ Stalinist tactics in an attempt to frame the president.  Even then, Pelosi insisted on going forward with two bogus charges that the Framers had categorically rejected.

And, it was Pelosi’s choice to behave like a petulant child and tear up President Trump’s speech.

The sweetest revenge was yet to come when Van Jones and CNN admitted Trump delivered for America the way he promised he would:

When a person, or in this case an entire political party, tells you who they are… believe them.