Texas Secretary of State Issues Advisory on Voter Fraud – 95,000 Non-Citizens Registered to Vote

Elder Patriot – Yesterday, Texas Secretary of State David Whitley issued an advisory to county voter registrars regarding voter registration list maintenance activities, which include identifying any non-U.S. citizens registered to vote in the State of Texas.

Over the past year, the Texas Secretary of State’s office had worked closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to evaluate information regarding persons identified to not be citizens of the United States. This voter registration list maintenance activity was conducted in accordance with federal and state law to ensure that only qualified voters – who by law must be U.S. citizens – are registered to vote in Texas elections.

Through this evaluation, the Texas Secretary of State’s office discovered that a total of approximately 95,000 individuals identified by DPS as non-U.S. citizens have a matching voter registration record in Texas, approximately 58,000 of whom have voted in one or more Texas elections.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the findings of the year-long study publicly:

Secretary of State David Whitley’s press release contains the cure that is to be implemented:

The following combinations of matches between information in DPS-provided data and the statewide voter registration database are used to identify possible non-U.S. citizens registered to vote:


  • Last Name, First Name, and Full Social Security Number;
  • Last Name, First Name, and DPS-issued Driver License, Personal Identification Card, or Election Identification Certificate Number; or
  • Last Name, First Name, Last Four Digits of Social Security Number, and Date of Birth


If a registered voter is identified as a non-U.S. citizen, he or she should receive a Notice of Examination (PDF) from the county voter registrar indicating that his or her registration status is being examined on the grounds that he or she is not a U.S. citizen. The registered voter will then be required to provide proof of citizenship in order to stay registered, which may be done by submitting to the voter registrar a copy of one of the following documents:


  • A certified copy of the voter’s birth certificate
  • United States passport; or
  • Certificate of naturalization (Citizenship certificate)


If the person responds indicating he or she is not a U.S. citizen, or fails to respond to the Notice within 30 days, then the voter registration will be cancelled by the county voter registrar. County voter registrars have been provided with numerous training opportunities to ensure that list maintenance activities are conducted in accordance with state and federal law so as to not affect eligible voters.

A picture is beginning to emerge as to the growing number of voters who are illegally gaming our electoral system.

Couple that with Democrat opposition to restoring a question to the 2020 census asking if the respondent is an American citizen and we can see a number of ways that the electoral clout of American citizens is being purposefully and strategically diminished.

If recent estimates that there are 20-30,000,000 residents of the United States who are non-citizens, then they may be used to bias Congressional apportionment by as many seats.

That’s on top of the outcomes the result of their illegally cast votes may cause to be changed in individual races across the country.

Whitley’s findings corroborate Project Veritas video capture of illegal voting on Election Day 2018 where poll workers were openly admitting they allowed “tons” of non citizens to vote.

This raises serious concerns about the integrity of the vote in so-called sanctuary states across the country.

If Texas has 95,000 illegally registered voters, stop to consider what that number might be in California where casting an illegal vote is not a second-degree felony like it is in the Lone Star state.

On April 1, 2018 California began automatically registering illegal aliens who have driver licenses to vote.  The new law also immunized illegals against any state criminal penalty for registering and voting.

These revelations, on top of a significant number of other findings, raises a serious question:  

In light of President Trump’s promise to clean up voter fraud and his creation of a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity to that end, was the special counsel tasked with creating a smokescreen around a phony Russian vote-tampering scheme to deflect from the real scandal?

If you remember, Mitch McConnell told him there wouldn’t a single dollar allocated for Trump’s commission.

No money for the Wall.  No money to protect the integrity of our vote.

Anyone else see a pattern here?