Testimony: Former CIA Chief John Brennan, Wittingly or Unwittingly, Served as a Clinton Operative By Kick-Starting the FISA Surveillance Process

Elder Patriot – Investigative Journalist John Solomon appeared with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo yesterday.  If what Solomon told us is accurate – there’s no reason to believe it’s not – Obama’s CIA chief, John Brennan, was responsible for kick-starting the fake investigation of Donald Trump.

Maria Bartiromo: We know that there were informants thrown at certain Trump campaign people, like George Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos was on this program and he told me directly on this show that Mifsud was that the guy they wanted him to meet in Italy.  

He had the job at the Center for International Law and they said “oh, don’t quit yet to go to work for Trump.  We want to send you to Rome. We want you to meet Mr. Joseph Mifsud.”

That is the individual who told him Russia has emails of Hillary Clinton. Why is that important, John?

John Solomon: Well, I interviewed Mr. Mifsud’s lawyer the other day, Stefan Rowe.  He told me and he also provided me some deposition evidence, to both Congress and myself, that his client was being directed and long worked with Western intelligence. 

And he was being directed specifically, he was asked to connect George Papadopoulos to Russia, meaning it was an operation, some form of intelligence operation. That was the lawyer’s own words for this. 

If that’s the case that means the flash point the started the whole investigation was in fact manufactured from the beginning.

Read that again.  Joseph Mifsud, who had been described in the special counsel’s report as a Russian asset, was according to Mifsud’s lawyer a Western intelligence asset. 

It seems Mifsud was taking precautionary action to prevent his own suicide when he sat for that video deposition before disappearing himself.  Smart man. 

If this is true – again, we have no reason to believe it’s not – then who directed Mifsud’s actions?

Question, if Mifsud was Russian intel why did he feel the need to go into hiding?  It’s already been established that the Steele Dossier was compiled largely from Russian intelligence sources.  

To my knowledge they haven’t disappeared.  Nor did Mueller’s group or FBI investigators before them attempt to depose them.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, is so certain that Mifsud was/is a Western intelligence asset that he sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Central Intelligence Agency Director Gina Haspel, National Security Agency Director Paul Nakasone and FBI Director Chris Wray requesting answers as to who Joseph Mifsud was working for.

“If Mifsud has extensive, suspicious contacts among Russian officials as portrayed in the special counsel’s report, then an incredibly wide range of Western institutions and individuals may have been compromised by him, including our own State Department.”

Requiring all four Departments/Agencies to declare their relationship to Mifsud was Nunes at his Machiavellian best.  (Dig Deep.)

U.S. Rep. Nunes knew that Mifsud was an asset of the west as he explained to Sean Hannity last May:

But Nunes didn’t stop there.  His letter also raised another question if Mifsud wasn’t a counterintelligence threat, that:

“Would cast doubt on the Special Counsel’s fundamental depiction of him and his activities, and raise questions about the veracity of the Special Counsel’s statements and affirmations.”

So how did Joseph Mifsud become the focal point that kick-started the witch-hunt targeting Donald Trump?  And, who is responsible for the counterintelligence operation against Trump?

In April, Rep. Nunes appeared with Maria Bartiromo and confirmed that there had been no communications between our Five Eyes intel-sharing allies that passed any intelligence about Mifsud and Papadopoulos to the CIA.

Yet, the FBI’s formal origination of the counterintelligence investigation into candidate Donald Trump began with a two-page memo sent to former FBI Director James Comey by former CIA Director John Brennan.

From whom did CIA Director Brennan get his information on Papadopoulos if not through official channels?

It now appears that it was Brennan, colluding unofficially with U.S. and foreign intelligence assets to run western intelligence assets (Mifsud) at Trump campaign members (Papadopoulos) in early 2016 with the objective of manufacturing a false appearance of compromise. 

Once Brennan established the phony narrative that Trump was compromised, that became the basis for the  electronic communication (EC) that was the necessary predicate for the FBI to open its investigation.

Yet the FBI investigation went on for 10-months (that is admitted to) and Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation continued for an additional 22-months.  

Either, they knew Brennan was a bad cop working towards a political outcome or they’re suffering from investigative myopia so severe that they’re not fit for the positions they occupy.

Ultimately, the FBI and DOJ signed off on at least four FISA warrant applications, essentially on the manufactured claims of the CIA director.

The first FISA warrant provided surveillance of the Trump campaign prior to November 2016 election.  

That raises the question: What is the possibility that Trump campaign’s communications, collected under the authority that FISA warrant provided, were directly shared with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign team? 

For a guy who claims to be so smart, Brennan, either knowingly or unknowingly (not likely,) put himself in the position of serving as a political operative on behalf of Hillary Clinton and her campaign.