Terror Attack in Lower Manhattan – Multiple Deaths

Elder Patriot – New York City’s Financial District was the site this afternoon of what appears to be an ISIS-style terror attack that has thus far resulted in the confirmed deaths of two people.

It’s reported that a truck rented from Home Depot was deliberately steered onto a popular bike path intentionally mowing down both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Initial reports say that two additional vehicles may have been involved, one a NYC cab and the other a school bus.

The driver’s intentions are clear: he first entered the bicycle path well more than fifty streets further uptown than where the driver of the school bus eventually smashed into the rented truck to stop the carnage.

According to an eyewitness the driver of the truck exited his vehicle brandishing two guns and screaming Allah Akbar. At least six people were shot, at least two fatally.

This is a fluid situation and the initial eyewitness accounts often in conflict with each other.

The New York Times is reporting that 6 people are dead.

Just this morning we reported that Antifa is planning terror style attacks in major U.S. cities to commence this month and that they had been coordinating with ISIS and Al Qaeda in their planning.

In the same article we wondered what role NYC’s mayor might have played in light of his unexplained presence in Hamburg, Germany at the same time leaders of Antifa were meeting with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

We will continue to keep you updated…