Why is Target’s CEO Destroying His Company’s Brand?

ELDER PATRIOT – In a normal world, Target Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell would be facing a shareholder revolt over his decision to turn his company into an experimental proving ground for far-left ideological social-gender engineering.

Retailers know that you either give your customers what they desire or you perish in the ultra-competitive world in which they compete.

So why has Target made the decision to sue Michael Turner?  You would think that their recent decision in favor of protecting transgenders’ bathroom rights over those of little girls and boys, that has cost them ten billion dollars off their market cap in less than a month, would leave them looking for ways to positively reinforce their brand.


What was Michael Turner’s offense that has “forced” Target to decide to sue him?  He came to the rescue of Allison Meadows who was being attacked by Leon Walls.  Walls had run into the East Liberty, Pennsylvania store and stabbed Meadows while she was a customer there.  Turner reacted quickly and chased Walls from the store, possibly saving Meadows’ life in the process. 

Walls stood trial and he was found guilty of attempted homicide.

“I thank him.  I thank him every time I see him,” Meadows said referring to Turner and his brave intervention.  Case closed, right?  No! 

But if Meadows isn’t complaining about Michael Turner, then who is?

No one has!  Target’s CEO has taken it upon himself to direct the company he runs to file suit because Turner’s actions allegedly “endangered” other customers. 

At best this borders on idiocy.  At worst, taken with his decision to put the rights of a few transgendered persons ahead of the rights of 99.9% of it’s other customers, it calls into question Target’s attack on our society’s proper social order that has been centuries in the making.

Turner likely saved the life of a customer.  He deserves to be recognized as a hero.  Instead Target has decided to challenge the “Good Samaritan” laws that were written with the intent of protecting pedestrian do-gooders in cases such as this one.

Parents should be aware that Target will apparently do everything their CEO can think of to put you and your children at risk when you’re in their stores.