Swamp Losing: McConnell’s Disapproval at Record High

Elder Patriot – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’S (R-KY) alliance with liberal leaders to preserve the Obama era consolidation of power in Washington, as well as the profligate spending by Congress that marked the former president’s term, has been exposed by President Trump.

Despite the media’s attempt to hang Luther Strange’s defeat in Tuesday’s Alabama special election around the neck of the president make no mistake this was a complete rejection of McConnell’s liberal leadership.  Even President Trump couldn’t pull Strange across the finish line while he was weighed down by McConnell’s backing.

McConnell’s support for liberal policies, his refusal to fight for the things he promised, and his hostility toward conservative candidates have all made him so toxic that he cost his candidate the race in Alabama despite having a massive spending advantage.

McConnell’s consistent concessions to Demcoratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s demands has been alienating the Republican base for a long time but he sealed their disgust and anger by reneging on his promise to repeal Obamacare, a special interest enrichment monstrosity that is threatening to collapse both the government and the economy.

McConnell has no way of hiding from this.  The senate’s leading RINO rallied the delegates at the Republican National Convention claiming that after having sent 80 different Obamacare repeal bills to then-president Obama only to have them vetoed, things would be different with the election of Donald Trump.

“We put Obamacare on the president’s desk, he voted it.  Donald Trump would sign it”:

The New York Times correctly noted that the Republican rank and file hate McConnell so much that even President Trump – the man who leads the war against the swamp – couldn’t help Strange once he was endorsed by McConnell:

The Republican base’s contempt for Mr. McConnell is more potent than its love for Mr. Trump. Mr. McConnell could be an anchor around incumbents in the same fashion as Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, who is routinely used to undermine Democratic candidates. The loudest applause Mr. Moore received during an election-eve rally came when he declared, “Mitch McConnell needs to be replaced.”

Senate Republicans will be forced to rethink McConnell’s leadership position now that his job approval among voters who supported President Trump last year has fallen from +21% in February to +10% in June to -18% in August to a dismal -41% now.

The election of hard charging Donald Trump has exposed Mitch McConnell for the duplicitous liar and liberal sycophant that he has always been.  It hasn’t taken long since the “get ‘r done” Trump took office for McConnell’s job approval to drop 62 points.

Republican voters in Alabama have sent a loud message to the party that Mitch McConnell has to be replaced as the Senate leader, and the president’s agenda must be advanced immediately – including the repeal of Obamacare – if they have any hope of saving the jobs of even a few of the long time members of the RINO old boys’ club. 

Don’t bet on that happening any time soon.  McConnell’s RINO’s are more likely to march into retirement – as Tennessee Senator Bob Corker did on Tuesday even before the polls had closed in Alabama. 

Changes.  They are a comin’.