The Swamp Begins Draining Itself: Major Political Parties Are Crumbling

Elder Patriot – True leaders are amazing people who effect amazing changes.  Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr., are two examples of men who completely shifted the political landscape during the times in which they lived. 

Douglass and King convinced Americans that all men deserved to be free to be rightly judged only by the content of their character.

In their footsteps walks President Donald J. Trump.

Trump left behind a cushy lifestyle and dared to challenge the modern day authoritarians who have endeavored to play God over our lives.

And, as with the vast majority of Americans who rallied behind the common sense calls from Douglass and King, so are today’s Americans rallying behind the common sense assertions of the man who wishes to once again free Americans to be all that they can be.

Trump’s political opponents, who have profited in obscene ways from turning control over our economy to international bankers and corporatists, realize they are facing the end of their charade.  Once light has been shone on the truth, it can never be hidden again.

So it is with this perspective that we examine President Trump’s political opponents:


  • Everything signals that establishment Republicans would rather see Democratic electoral wins than those of surging grassroots conservative candidates thereby confirming the truth Donald Trump opened our eyes to: that the GOP’s elite are more focused on saving the globalist movement than they are in defending America’s economic nationalism.
  • President Trump is continually under assault from both sides of the aisle for being a sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, isolationist, war-mongering, unstable psychotic.  None of these accusations are supported by any evidence, but that no longer matters to those desperate to defend what’s left of the globalists’ con game.
  • Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have joined John McCain in publicly trashing the president for not adhering to the standards of behavior they would like to shackle him with.  To them, Trump is nothing but an uppity n____r at a different time and in a different place. 

Corker, Flake and McCain have something else in common.  It’s almost a certainty that when the Senate convenes for the first time in January of 2019, they’ll be nowhere to be found.  That fact has freed them to fully uncloak as the globalists they have always been.

Corker and Flake have announced their intentions to not seek re-election, their decisions made easy by approval ratings barely into double digits.  Polling showed Flake 25 points behind his Republican challenger in Arizona.  McCain is suffering from brain cancer.

McConnell has deliberately failed to deliver on any of Trump’s most significant and common sense agenda items.  This has been by design, one more label to hang around the president’s neck – “failure” – as they plan for Trump’s defeat in 2020.

To successfully continue this strategy Chief Republican Globalist Mitch McConnell had been working diligently to keep his old boys club together.  Thanks to President Trump, just the opposite is taking place.

Trump’s field general Steve Bannon has already dispatched McConnell’s choice in the Alabama Republican primary and delivered a true conservative to be the state’s next Senator.  Corker, reading the tealeaves before the polls even closed in Alabama, announced his retirement in neighboring Tennessee.

Bannon backed Roy Moore won in a landslide despite having $30 million spent on the most negative advertising imaginable against him.  Despite the battering a recent poll shows him leading his Democrat opponent by 11 points.

So much for McConnell’s claim that conservatives can’t win general elections. 

More proof that nobody believes McConnell’s warning is evidenced by the early retirements of Corker and Flake.  By retiring early they are saving Bannon’s recruits from similar costly battering making their general election efforts significantly easier.  Unfortunately, this will leave McConnell’s PAC more money to throw into other primary challenges in an attempt to overwhelm the debate with trumped up negative charges.

Current polling reveals that while the 291 Republicans elected to the House and Senate may be deeply divided, the rank and file overwhelmingly support President Trump.

This is what draining the swamp looks like.  It was never going to be pretty.

How about those wonderfully compassionate members of the opposition party whose compassion extends to everyone but hard-working mainstream American workingmen and women and their children:


  • Democrats’ opposition to Trump’s border wall doesn’t pass the common sense test.  This is no logical reason to continue allowing illegal aliens, drugs and other contraband to cross our border – not as long as a single American can’t find work, drugs continues to destroy lives, and liberal politicians want to take away the gun rights of law-abiding Americans.
  • Democrats defense of completely open immigration policies despite the evidence coming from Europe is simply out of step with American parents.  This includes soccer moms who are more concerned about protecting their children than the military-age “refugees” who have deserted their countrymen fighting for their country’s future.  And, that’s being kind to them because too many of them have actually come here to open a front in the Islamic war on America.
  • The Democrats total rejection of tax cuts is stunning.  Not a single Democrat voted to return a penny to America’s hardworking middle class this morning when the House passed a budget resolution.  Essentially they have openly unmasked themselves as Marxists.
  • Prospects are so bad for Democrats that they are now accepting pro-lifers as candidates for 2018.  This is a tacit rejection of Planned Parenthood and a slap in the face to their abortion on demand constituents.

If these trends hold Donald J. Trump may establishment himself as the greatest president of the last two-plus centuries.