ELDER PATRIOT – Are leftist politicians fostering violence to save their failing platform?  Evidence has been surfacing of this since Donald Trump became a serious threat to their previously impregnable Blue Wall.

Whether these politicians are directly orchestrating the actions of the Antifa fascists, coordinating through middlemen, or they have made a political calculation that they can simply frame the narrative to their advantage with the help of the mainstream media, the end result is the same.

Their goal is to change the minds of “moderate” voters, who crossed over to vote for Donald Trump, and drive them back into the arms of the Left.

To accomplish this they had to overcome a number of obstacles and it looks very much like that is exactly what they have been able to do.

  • First they built an army of “activists” whose used violence to feign outrage over the policies of President Trump.  The funding, and the coordination of these anarchist fascist groups has been ignored by the mainstream media.  Why?
  • Then the politicians that they control stood back and let the “protests” of these ‘heroic” SJW’s to become burnt into the consciousness of the wider population while the mainstream media gave major airtime to the “grievances” of groups like“La Raza, Puente Human Rights Movement, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF,) the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and Black Lives Matter,” in what can only be described as an attempt to justify the arson, property damage and physical assaults that they were causing.
  • When groups with equally disturbing but countervailing messaging came forward in opposition to these Leftist antagonists they were demonized for similarly exercising their First Amendment rights.
  • Saturday, when the potential for direct conflict moved from eventuality to reality it appears that the politicians charged with maintaining order deployed police and military resources in a manner that facilitated the conflict and then had a narrative ready to go vilifying only one side.

The right of the “alt-right” rally goers to assemble was decided by the United States Supreme Court in NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY v. SKOKIE, in 1977.

It’s true that there were a distressingly sizable number of Nazis and Klansmen amongst their group, but, not any more than participated in Skokie those forty years ago.  Like them or not they had a right to be protected and others had the right to be protected from them.

Instead we are now learning from Pro Publica that: State police and National Guardsmen watched passively for hours as self-proclaimed Nazis engaged in street battles with counter-protesters.” 

As the alt-right and counter-protesters were preparing to come into direct contact with each other an assortment of Virginia State Police troopers and Charlottesville police wearing protective gear watched silently from behind an array of metal barricades — and did nothing.”

It was a scene that played out over and over in Charlottesville as law enforcement confronted the largest public gathering of white supremacists in decades. We walked the streets beginning in the early morning hours and repeatedly witnessed instances in which authorities took a largely laissez faire approach, allowing white supremacists and counter-protesters to physically battle.

Officials in Charlottesville had publicly promised to maintain control of the “Unite the Right” rally.”  The fact that they didn’t even make an attempt to maintain order, so as to protect the warring groups from each other or to protect innocents in the area, calls into question exactly what their orders were and who was running the command post that was in charge of operations.

Because there were no proactive measures taken to prevent both sides from confronting each other we are left sifting through the fog that remains to learn what could’ve been done to prevent or to quell the violence that ensued.  This, of course, allows those in charge of the narrative to craft it to their advantage.

According to the New York Times, the people of Charlottesville have already begun questioning the actions of Governor McAuliffe for defending the police and saying the officers had done “great work” in a “very delicate situation.”  McAuliffe was coming under fire for claiming Heather Heyer’s death could not have been prevented. 

“But others, including Mr. Kessler and Ms. Caine-Conley [a minister in training at Sojourners United Church of Christ] openly wondered if the violence could have been prevented.”

“There was no police presence,” Ms. Caine-Conley said. “We were watching people punch each other; people were bleeding all the while police were inside of barricades at the park, watching. It was essentially just brawling on the street and community members trying to protect each other.”

“[Charlottesville] Mayor Mike Signer asked in an interview Sunday, “How do you reconcile public safety and the First Amendment?”  The answer to that is simple and as American as apple pie.  You defend the First Amendment at all costs because if you don’t exactly what will you be defending afterwards?

The fact is, “Saturday was not the first time that white nationalists and white supremacists had rallied in Charlottesville. In May, Richard Spencer, a prominent white nationalist and a graduate of the University of Virginia, led a torch-lit rally here, and last month, the Ku Klux Klan came from North Carolina.

The Times goes on to report that Mayor Signer “[sensed] there might be trouble, the city tried to deny Mr. Kessler’s [Unite the Right] group a permit for Emancipation Park.”  So the mayor knew what to expect but made no plans to prevent it.

This is where the Times report blaming militant White Supremacists for the violence that took place begins falling apart:

“By the time both groups converged on the park, a line of camouflage-clad militia members toting assault rifles were standing outside the park, looking very much like an invading army. “They had better equipment than our State Police had,” Mr. McAuliffe said.

“As the white nationalists massed in the park, Ms. Caine-Conley and other members of the clergy locked arms in the street. Behind them were hundreds of protesters, including black-clad, helmet-wearing members of the far left known as Antifa.

Clearly, the Antifa counter protesters came prepared for a violent encounter.

“Brian Moran, Virginia’s secretary of public safety and homeland security admitted to watching the events from a command post on the sixth floor of a Wells Fargo bank on the downtown mall where he witnessed sporadic fights escalating into “people throwing water bottles, some filled with urine. Some used pepper spray; from his perch on the sixth floor, Mr. Moran saw smoke bombs being thrown. People started clubbing one another.”  And, when “the he clergy retreated to a “safe house” the police still waited to intervene.

As the conflict escalated it’s worth noting that not a single shot was reported being fired by the “heavily armed” Unite the Right protesters even after Antifa counter-protesters were witnessed throwing urine filled bottles, using pepper spray, throwing smoke bombs and beating others with clubs.

Where were the Charlottesville police, the State Police, and the Virginia National Guard while “members of the clergy locked arms in the street” to keep the extremist groups separated? 

Were they deliberately ordered to stand down?  If not, why wasn’t a plan in place to keep these groups separated?  If the NYPD can protect New Years Eve revelers safe in Times Square we deserve to know why Governor McAuliffe and Mayor Signer didn’t take the necessary precautions here.

“Ms. Caine-Conley called it “fascinating and appalling.”

Mr. Kessler, too, complained.

“In a statement, he said the authorities had “exacerbated the violence” by failing to separate his followers from counter-protesters. He said his group had “networked with law enforcement officials” months ago on a plan for maintaining safety, which he said was not followed, and he called the police “underequipped for the situation.”

“Asked why the police did not do more to control the brawling, Mr. Moran said, “It was a volatile situation and it’s unfortunate people resorted to violence. “But,” he said, “from our plan, to ensure the safety of our citizens and property, it went extremely well.”

Charlottesville has a long and proud history but Saturday its leadership had more in common with Baltimore under then Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who ordered the police under her command to “give space to those who wished to destroy” when riots broke out in that city more than two years ago.

Obama’s relationship with both Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Terry McAuliffe are well known.  While Rawlings-Blake and McAuliffe hide behind the protective shield of the Democratic Party, Bill Ayers cannot.  Back in 2008 U.S. News and World Report ran this headline: “Obama Needs to Explain His Ties to William Ayers Voters should pay attention to Obama’s ties to the unrepentant terrorist.”

There was enough unpardonable hate-filled rhetoric emanating from both deplorable fringe groups that it is past time to start taking this threat to our ordered society much more seriously. 

Sadly, though both sides drape themselves in the protections provided them by the Constitution, they do not afford the same rights to each other.  That makes them neither conservative nor liberal but it makes them anarchists.

The question we should be asking ourselves is who stands to benefit from the emerging narrative?