Sperry Tweet: Pelosi Tasked Democrat Leader With Oversight of CDC to Conduct Impeachment Instead… Distraction Caused Her to Miss the CCP Virus Threat

As a member of the Gang of Eight, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was privy to America’s most sensitive intelligence briefings.  The same intelligence briefings that the president receives.  That included one on the virus threat that was growing in Wuhan, China.

The date of that briefing is unknown… deliberately obscured?  But it was clearly prior to January 31, 2020, because that’s when President Trump’s HHS declared the Chinese virus a public health emergency…

President Trump also announced a travel ban on foreign nationals arriving from China at the same time.

By the end of the day on January 31st, the U.S. knew of a mere 8 cases.  So much for the accusations that Trump was slow to react to the threat.  

Not so for Democrats who, with the help of the Marxist media, are rewriting the history of the president’s handling of the massive health threat.

On February 24th, almost a month after the virus began infecting Americans, Nancy Pelosi released a video of herself inviting followers to join her in celebrating the Chinese New Year in San Francisco’s Chinatown district.

It’s almost as though Pelosi, and her Democrat minions were doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party and giving the virus more opportunity to incubate among the masses…

Remember that Speaker Pelosi deliberately delayed delivering the articles to the Senate.  Was this an effort by Pelosi to distract from the dangers of the virus in order to give it more time to incubate?

Was Pelosi trying to increase the spread of the virus for political gain.. Knowing the media would dutifully craft their reporting in whatever manner they were directed to.  

Now comes a suggestion from investigative journalist Paul Sperry that Pelosi’s impeachment efforts forced a key Democrat House member to become distracted from her oversight of the CDC, that would have raised flags about the CCP virus. 

According to Sperry, Pelosi assigned Rep. Diana DeGette to preside over the hoax impeachment hearing.  

Why, knowing the serious nature of the threat, would Pelosi burden Rep. DeGette with impeachment when she knew a pandemic was taking root.