Speaker Ryan’s Unwillingness to Cast Off Politically Correct Thought Threatens Americans’ Safety

ELDER PATRIOT – In an act that exposes a tone deafness of unacceptable proportions, Paul Ryan responded to Sunday morning’s Islamic terror attack – the most deadly such attack since 9/11 – by introducing his bold new agenda calling for, get ready, regulatory business reform. 

The Speaker, who has facilitated funding for the resettlement of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees, had only this response to Donald Trump’s renewed call for a temporary ban on immigrants coming from that part of the world until we can figure out a way to vet them; “I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country’s interests, “I do not think it’s reflective of our principles.  It’s not who we are.”

Au contraire, Mr. Speaker.  When Donald Trump first called for the temporary ban 72% of all Americans sided with him.  Like it or not, Mr. speaker it is who we are.  And it is in keeping with American governance over the past century when immigration was severely restricted and even halted from certain countries because of security concerns.

The right to self-determination is quintessential to our American political system, a concept the Speaker has rejected on numerous occasions in the past, as well.

Instead, Ryan’s feeble interpretation of the First Amendment suggested nothing more than rudimentary reasoning for his objections to Trump’s proposal.  “I obviously don’t support the Muslim ban, I do not think we should have a religious test on people who come into this country… because I believe in the First Amendment, I believe in religious freedom, I believe in religious liberty,” Ryan said. 

Is he really unable to differentiate between religions that recognize rights for every person and Islam that demands the extermination of homosexuals and reduces women to chattel?

The Speaker is either lying or he is ignorant.  In either case he is demonstrating that he is incapable of adjusting his thinking in the face of an existential threat to civilian safety, a flaw that should disqualify him from leadership. 

The fact of the matter is the immigration process was deliberately developed to be exclusionary.  That is the essence of why a vetting process exists.

The idea that any person seeking to immigrate to the United States has an inalienable right to do so threatens the very concept of national sovereignty.  And, extending Constitutional protections to non-citizens to justify the right to immigrate essentially nullifies Americans’ ability to control their borders in any manner and for any reason they deem necessary.

When Speaker Ryan first took control of the House, he ushered through the largest spending bill of its time rather than confront Barack Obama to defend the hard-earned tax dollars of America’s working class.  Now he is refusing to suspend the flow of potential Jihadists even temporarily, and in the process once again showing his fear of engaging the president, choosing instead to disregard the safety of Americans.

Mr. Ryan’s inability to understand, or his choice to ignore, the philosophy of our Constitution’s author, James Madison who said, “Religion is the basis and foundation of Government,” coupled with the Speaker’s belief that Constitutional rights extend to foreign nationals, renders him unsuitable for a leadership position.

The Wisconsin representative should know that Madison’s only frame of reference when he wrote the Constitution was the role that Christianity played in forming his views.  Islam had no influence on our founding documents.  It is a virtual certainty that if Madison was aware of the incompatibility of Islam with the principles of a democratic republic the Constitution would have addressed it directly.

Only a fool would look at the free and democratic societies that have grown under Christian influence, and the despotic regimes that are a result of Islamic teachings, and come to the conclusion that all religions are equal and their adherents compatible.

As Ryan moves about in the protective and lush environs of Washington D.C. and resides behind the walls of an estate that is protected by armed guards, he only commiserates with everyday commoners by offering us these feckless words, “It is horrifying to see so many innocent lives cut short by such cowardice.”

Really?  That’s it from the third in line to the presidency? 

Hey, Speaker Ryan, grow a pair.