Speaker Ryan Said DACA is Unconstitutional – Then He Funded It

ELDER PATRIOT – The problem with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is that you can’t trust a thing he says.  I realized that after spending an hour with him in a closed-door roundtable with a dozen other donors.  Now America is realizing that.

Here’s a one-minute video from January of Ryan promising to give President Trump a clean Obamacare repeal bill and assuring us that the votes would be there in the senate:

Ryan: “The idea that Obamacare is the law of the land for good is a myth.”

Ryan has always been the same duplicitous person as he proved himself to be earlier this year when he made that video.  Here’s an 87-second video of Ryan from 2014 telling us that Obama’s executive amnesty (DACA) is “blatantly unconstitutional:”

“We will explore every option we can to exercise the power of the purse to get this executive to honor the Constitution.”

But in December of 2015 immediately after Paul Ryan ascended to the speakership his first significant legislative act was to pass a $1.6 trillion omnibus bill.

At that time we noted that:

The bill makes no pretense for any semblance of fiscal responsibility funding the Obama agenda in its entirety:

Division F of the omnibus bill funds Obama’s illegal Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals executive action that so far has granted three-quarters of a million illegal immigrants with access to federal entitlement programs, as well as work permits and tax credits.

Division B, Title II funds sanctuary cities.  Because congressional apportionment is based on residents and not citizens, Ryan is not only agreeing to fund illegal immigrants but he’s also helping to boost the Democrat representation in the House.

The omnibus that Ryan crafted also completely funds the relocation of military-age Syrian “refugees” in any numbers that Obama decides on welcoming.

The omnibus has no provision to revisit programs such as the F-1 student visa, the K-1 fiancée visa, green cards or any of the refugees programs that Islamic radicals have been exploiting.  Instead, “The omnibus would put the U.S. on a path to approve admission for hundreds of thousands of migrants from a broad range of countries with jihadists movements over the next 12 months, on top of all the other autopilot annual immigration,” according to Alabama Senators Sessions and Shelby.

There is a section titled, “Refugee and Entrance Assistance, that rewards illegal immigrants with your tax dollars.

The bill also uses slight of hand manipulation of the taxes necessary to fund Obamacare that will make it more difficult to repeal later.

As long as the list of expenditures is, it is missing one thing that Congress had promised us when they passed the Secure Fence Act in 2006 – the southern border wall!

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said of the 2015 Omnibus:

“Well, if you would’ve told me this year that we’d be standing here celebrating the passage of an omnibus bill, with no poison pill riders, at higher [spending] levels above sequesters than even the president requested, I wouldn’t have believed it, but here we are.

“Almost anything, the Republican leadership in the Senate achieved this year, they achieved on Democratic terms… Democrats had an amazingly good year.”

Schumer was able to say that despite being in the minority in both Houses of Congress.

Now Ryan is telling us that for humanitarian reasons we cannot end DACA.  While ending DACA might create a humanitarian problem for those who came to this country illegally and then were granted rights unconstitutionally, it is a problem that Ryan helped orchestrate as sure as Hillary and Obama orchestrated the Syrian refugee crisis. 

While Ryan is defending the estimated 850,000 “Dreamers” who entered this country illegally and were unconstitutionally rewarded with preferred status by President Obama, who is defending the 700,000 America workers who have been displaced by DACA?

Who is defending the U.S. born students who have seen their places in college filled by these “Dreamers?”  Who is defending those students whose tuition is higher than it need be so as to fund instate tuition for these “dreamers” who are content stealing the dreams of others?  How many years into their productive lives will these U.S. students be paying back unnecessarily high loans in order to fund the dreams of others?

Who is defending the hardworking American taxpayer who is footing the bill for their dreams in so many other ways?  Schools, police and fire protection, crime, welfare, housing assistance, etc., etc., are all costs that rise commensurate with the population.

We are a debtor nation.  Who speaks for our kids when they dream?  It certainly isn’t Paul Ryan.