Is Speaker Ryan Preparing For 2020 Trump Challenge?

Elder Patriot – I’ve indicated many times in the past that Paul Ryan was not a trustworthy ally that Donald Trump can rely on.  If the bloated Omnibus wasn’t proof enough, news comes today from Ryan’s colleague that Ryan is going to be resigning within the next 30 to 60 days.

That and an email that was in my inbox this morning lead me to believe that not only is the rumor true but that Ryan is planning a run at the Republican 2020 presidential nomination.

Ryan was never a supporter of Trump until he realized that his approval ratings were tied to the president’s success.

You’ll recall that Ryan was one of the original Never Trumpers, criticizing candidate Trump and distancing himself from the future president throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Then immediately following Trump’s win, Ryan launched his own agenda that was in direct opposition to the new president’s agenda.  Ryan called it “A Better Way Forward.”

Ryan was eventually forced to abandon that agenda, along with his veiled opposition to the president, when his popularity began plummeting.

It now appears that Ryan is planning to challenge President Trump again.  The email that bears Ryan’s name begins with the words:


We’ve accomplished so much together in the last year, from cutting taxes to slashing job-killing regulations to prioritizing our military, that it makes the Obama years feel like a distant memory.

Normally that would be viewed as a Republican speaker rallying the base and indeed the email later asks for contributions, but it’s to a PAC – Protect the House – which Paul Ryan controls. 

And, he’s taking credit for President Trump’s Executive Orders rescinding those job-killing regulations and for funding the much-needed replenishment of our military.  It was Speaker Ryan who worked with Obama and the Democrat minority to pass our country’s first trillion-dollar omnibus that didn’t even sufficiently fund the maintenance of our military.

Now with a Republican president and a majority in the House, it was still Nancy Pelosi crowing that the latest bloated omnibus funded all of her priorities while the president’s border wall remains unfunded.

Remember, the rallying cry of Trump’s supporters was “Build the Wall.”  Also remember Ryan opposed it then as he opposes it now. The omnibus is proof his agenda and the president’s agenda are quite different.

To be fair, Ryan has directed a portion of the $66 million he’s amassed to support Republican candidates in the special elections that have ben held.  However, he’s under no obligation to continue to do so.

It’s his war chest to do with as he see’s fit.  Significantly, it’s a large enough amount with which to launch a presidential run.

That’s why Nevada Congressman Mark Amodei’s pronouncement that, “The rumor mill is that Paul Ryan is getting ready to resign in the next 30 to 60 days and that Steve Scalise will be the new Speaker,” should be taken seriously.

Amodei intimated Ryan might be considering a run for the White House or another high office. This would not be the first time that Ryan has flirted with making a run for the presidency.

Amodei added fuel to that possibility by adding, “If it, in fact, is true, I know that Paul Ryan thinks he wants to play on the national stage…” 

“Paul was a ‘Never Trumper’ for awhile and then they kind of made up.  Heck, when you talk about the Omnibus bill, Ryan was down at the White House earlier in the week and I assumed [they were] discussing why there wasn’t more [border] Wall money in there, or something like that.”

Paul Ryan recognizes that Trump is poised to begin draining the and it’s likely he doesn’t want to get swept out to sea with the rest of the globalist sellouts. 

Or, maybe Ryan just realizes that his brand of non-leadership is no longer going to carry the day among Republican voters.