Sources: D.C. Attorney to Indict Andrew McCabe

Elder Patriot – The evidence against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is so overwhelming and widely known, that U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie Liu was left with no choice but to charge McCabe.

Liu had previously quashed the prosecutions of the Pakistani Awan brothers, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s corrupt  security officer James Wolfe, Obama lawyer Greg Craig, and before today’s announcement, Andrew McCabe.

All of those cases resulted in sweetheart plea deals when nothing less than extended prison sentences were warranted.  And, in all four cases Jessie Liu was the common denominator.

McCabe, who should have been indicted by Liu more than a year ago, was notified through his attorney’s who received an email from the Justice Department that his appeal had been rejected.

Considering that the special counsel ordered Paul Manafort held in solitary confinement to prevent him from communicating with potential witnesses, one would think that McCabe is deserving of at least that level of seclusion.

The OIG investigation of McCabe, and the subsequent criminal referral, was made public over 18 months ago. No ordinary citizen, or associate of President Trump, would’ve been treated with kid gloves like this.

According to the OIG Report, released in February of 2018, the case against McCabe should have been open and shut:

Regardless of the circumstances that brought us to this point, the indictment of McCabe should be viewed as a furtive first step towards holding the criminal members of Obama’s weaponized intelligence apparatus accountable.