Sorry Dems, New Poll Shows Trump’s Economic Wand Has Wiped Away Midterm Blue Wave

Elder Patriot – Towards the last year of Barack Obama’s second term Megyn Kelly asked Tavis Smiley, “On the subject of race, are we better off today than seven years ago?”

Smiley’s response was incredibly disappointing and honest: “On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories”.

During the campaign Donald Trump promised to bring back the jobs that the trade deals of the previous four presidential administrations had shipped abroad, and Barack Obama mocked him for doing so. 

The fact is Trump was an experience international businessman who was well aware of the incentives for taking our businesses overseas.  Those policies were colorblind and so were the policies reversing them.

Perhaps a community organizer with no previous business experience who surrounded himself with Marxists and globalist carpetbaggers wanted us to believe that only a magic wand could turn our economy around but the majority of Americans weren’t buying what he was selling.

It’s likely that Democratic strategists knew exactly what economic “miracles” Trump would accomplish and that is why they embarked on a concerted effort to label him a racist.  A failing economy creates competition for scarce resources and that allows liberal propagandists to divide us by demographic groups.

Without visceral hatred of Trump in the black community they were risking the loss of control over a voting demographic that they can’t win national elections without.

Now we are almost two years removed from Smiley’s disappointing assessment and Obama’s foolish diatribe.  And Trump’s America First policies have fueled a successful economic turnaround that is being borne out by the numbers:

The gap between the unemployment rate for white workers and black workers is at a historic low.  And the Trump administration’s spokesman gave their commitment to lowering that gap to zero.  The administration’s record of success give people – from every demo – more reason to believe Team Trump when they make a promise.

According to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports, Blacks are noticing.  Black voters believed only 15% of young black Americans were better off during the closing year of Obama’s presidency.  Today that number has grown to 28%.

This is devastating news for Democrats who are heavily dependent on Black turnout to win elections.

And, with President Trump implementing more and more of his economic restoration policies those numbers are only likely to shift further in the president’s favor leaving the Democrat poverty pimps looking for a new group to impoverish – like illegal aliens perhaps? – or having that wave wash them out to sea.

This is what a successful colorblind society looks like.  Why are Democrats so upset?