Soros Begins Attack on Trump. Leftist-Funded Ignoramuses Take to the Streets

ELDER PATRIOT – Do not believe the conciliatory words that President Obama and Hillary Clinton delivered to their audiences yesterday declaring support for Donald Trump.  They do not accept the mandate that America’s voters gave Donald Trump on Tuesday and, no matter how successful history proves him to be they never will.  Just look at their rejection of Ronald Reagan’s success.

This fact became evident in their actions even before Trump was declared the winner.  Shortly after midnight on Wednesday it was clear that Donald Trump had won the vote in Pennsylvania and with it the 20 electoral votes that pushed him over the 270 committed electors required to become president.  But we were forced to wait and wait for the final four percent of the votes to be counted.  It wasn’t until hours later that the vote in Pennsylvania was finally certified.  Why?

The Clinton machine – those who attacked Donald Trump for wanting to guarantee the integrity of the vote before he’d accept the outcome – asked the Democrat governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf to delay certifying the result while they poured over the precincts where their operatives might still alter the outcome in Mrs. Clinton’s favor.

The Clinton campaign never expected that the deep blue state of Pennsylvania would become their firewall and were caught totally unprepared to react.  At one point we waited over two hours for the networks to call the state for Donald Trump even though there weren’t enough votes still uncounted to overcome the raw vote total by which she was trailing.

Only when it became obvious that Trump voters had so overwhelmed the ballot boxes that no amount of cheating could overcome the will of the people did the Pennsylvania governor tell the Clinton campaign they would have to look elsewhere for the necessary electoral votes. 

As the night wore on the Clinton team grew desperate and finally resorted to what they always do when they find themselves facing bad news – they delayed. 

Mrs. Clinton refused to concede and instead sent forth, John Podesta, Clinton’s master of political chicanery and dirty tricks, to say they’ll be “counting” votes well into the next day.

Only when it became clear to Mrs. Clinton that no legal pathway existed for her to challenge the result did she concede.  The biggest roadblock to any legal challenge was the realization that once the machines were impounded and subjected to study evidence would surface of the extensive election fraud that could be tied back to her campaign.  The overwhelming voter turnout against Mrs. Clinton foisted her on her own petard.     

Likewise, President Obama doesn’t wish Trump a successful presidency in the least.  Obama knows that for Trump to be successful he will have to reverse virtually every aspect of Obama’s globalist agenda as well as Obama’s economy killing income redistribution policies.

Proof that the Left has already unveiled the first stage of their campaign against Trump came in the form of last night’s street protests by the useful idiots who are incapable of explaining why and what they’re protesting.  When asked, they resort to the dialogue of idiots and hurl the same Clinton unfounded sound bites – Trump is racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic. 

These miscreants are so disconnected from reality and fact that not a single one of them can give you a reason for the labels they were placing on Trump. 

It simply defies logic to believe that these ignoramuses, living in denial of centuries of political history, suddenly organized these protests themselves in such massive numbers. 

No, this was the first shot fired in the heavily funded Leftists’ attack on the Trump presidency. 

George Soros and the Marxist Left never rests.  As Donald Trump’s campaign showed us, neither does he. 

This time they have met their match.