Snoop Dogg Releases Video Calling for Segregated Future

ELDER PATRIOT – Snoop Dogg, apparently motivated by congress’ resident racist John Lewis’ decision to boycott Trump’s inauguration, has called legendary R&B performer Sam Moore an “Uncle Tom-assed nigga” for agreeing to perform at Trump’s swearing in ceremony.

In fact, the racially motivated rapper posted a video threatening any black person who works with Trump:

“So ain’t nobody gonna perform for Donald Trump, huh?  Which one of you jiggaboo-ass n*ggas gonna be the first one to do it?  I’m waiting.  I’m gonna roast the f*ck out of you uncle Tom-ass n*ggas for doing it.  Which one of you n*ggas gonna do it first?”

He then says mockingly, “I be’s the one that performs fors him sur.”

If John Lewis and Snoop Dogg is whom the black community looks to for leadership then what hope do they have for any advancement over the next four years? 

What’s that you say, they couldn’t care less about advancing the plight of their inner city brethren?  You say their only concern is maintaining black dependency on government to insure black voter turnout for Democratic candidates?  You’re so cynical.  You’re also so right.

Blacks would be stupid to follow their direction.  President-elect Trump has outlined a broad agenda to help all Americans and if blacks choose to stonewall him they’ll be left behind.  That, of course, is exactly how the leadership of the Democratic Party would like it.

The fact is, Trump won election while getting only 8% of the black vote so they really don’t have a whole lot of leverage.  Whatever little leverage they might have now will shrink even further if whites and Hispanics continue to abandon the Democratic Party as Trump delivers on his campaign promises and their conditions improve.

That’s why new leadership has emerged from people like ex-NFL stars Jim Brown and Ray Lewis, pastors Mark Burns and Darrell Scott, and elected leaders like Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) who have shown a willingness to engage with the new president who has asked them for their advice and counsel as he crafts plans to help their community. 

It appears that many of the traditional black leaders have painted themselves into a corner – a very segregated one at that.  This was not the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King.