SMACK DOWN: Huckabee Sanders Completely Destroys CNN’s Jim Acosta Over Uranium One

Elder Patriot – Jim Acosta is perhaps the ultimate Clinton sycophantic partisan hack on a network of partisan Clinton sycophants.  That may well be why CNN gave him the position as its senior White House Correspondent.

CNN’s unwillingness to even mention the explosive Uranium One allegations that threatens Clinton with multiple criminal indictments for violating federal laws is reminiscent of Baghdad Bob’s reporting to the Iraqi people while U.S. troops were moving on his nation’s capitol:

It’s really become that absurd at CNN.   

Acosta incredulously took CNN’s studio act to the White House briefing room to ask this sequence of questions that ignored breaking news that had already caused the rest of Washington to go into meltdown mode:

“Why did the President involve himself in the Uranium One investigation? Are you trying to gin up your own Russia investigation to rival the one on Capitol Hill? Where is the President’s evidence that Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russian’s as he tweeted this morning?”

It didn’t take White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders more than a few seconds to put a polite, but serious beat down on Acosta:

“In terms of the President being involved, I’m not aware of any specific involvement. The President has pushed for transparency if that’s what you’re referring to when dealing with Congress,” said Sanders.

“I know that’s probably something new, for a President to actually push for transparency, but that’s what he’s done. That was the purpose of what he was trying to do in that process.”

CNN and their equally ignorant – as in ignoring the facts – mainstream media competition believe that they can deny real news by impugning Fox News, Breitbart and sites like this one that work diligently to expose it.

Sorry guys but this was reported by one of your statist outlets, the Washington Post.

The WaPo must’ve missed the morning briefing on what they could and shouldn’t report.