Sh*t Show at Kavanaugh Hearings: The Deep State Striking Back

Elder Patriot – The players promoting Christine Blasey-Ford’s salacious and unverified (and unverifiable) allegations of sexual assault against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh share a linkage that belies Ford’s incredible charges.

That linkage also suggests a deeper, more sinister plot is afoot.  

  • Christine Blasey-Ford is a professional academic psychologist at Stanford University.

Stanford offers a CIA undergraduate internship program.  The program is sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency.

While this proves nothing, it may be part of a larger mosaic.  Think former CIA Director John Brennan’s (Obama appointee) role in abusing the Five Eyes intelligence gathering program, along with Britain and Australia, that was used to kick start the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

  • Monica Lee McLean is a former 24-year career DOJ/FBI insider and lifelong BFF of Christine Ford.  Evidence suggests that McLean lives in Rehoboth, Delaware.

Ford testified that she was in Rehoboth, Delaware when she wrote the to letter to Democrat Senator (political ally of Obama/Clinton) Dianne Feinstein.

Did McLean have a hand in writing that letter?

McLean appeared to be one of the people present who were coaching Christine Ford during her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

McLean engaged former DOJ-NSD Deputy Attorney General David Laufman to protect her legal interests.

  • Michael Bromwich is one of Christine Ford’s attorneys.  Bromwich was brought on board by Ford under the advice of Debra Katz.

Katz is the lawyer corrupt Senator Dianne Feinstein initially advised Ford to engage.

Bromwich is a former DOJ Inspector General (appointed by George W. Bush) and career DOJ/FBI official.

Bromwich was a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.  Isn’t the SDNY where special counsel Robert Mueller has been assigned many of the Trump-related prosecutions to?

  • David Laufman suddenly emerges as Monica McLean’s attorney.

Laufman was formerly attached to the CIA, and was Assistant U.S. Attorney General at the DOJ-National Security Division.

In both capacities Laufman necessarily likely worked closely with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and corrupt Senator Dianne Feinstein.

During Laufman’s time at the DOJ-NSD it was at the epicenter of the phony Steele dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for and was used to mislead the FISA court.

From his position Laufman would likely have been involved, or at least have been aware of the FISA “Title-1” surveillance program ostensibly initiated to target Carter Page.  As we have learner that warrant, and multiple others abused the “two-jump rule” to conduct surveillance on Obama/HRC’s political opponent –  Trump campaign officials and Donald Trump.

Laufman also had close contact with former Assistant Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr. Fusion GPS employee Nellie Ohr is Bruce Ohr’s wife.  Together they surreptitiously advanced the phony narrative contained within the Steele dossier.

Debra Katz is Christine Ford’s other lawyer.  Corrupt Senator Feinstein who received Ford’s letter subsequently recommended she retain Katz as her lawyer.  

Katz is a political activist with deep ties to the DNC and George Soros.

Snopes admits that Katz serves as vice chair for an organization that receives funding from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

Think payments to, and organization of the protesters that caused disruptions outside and inside the the Kavanaugh hearings.

Then there’s this photo evidence linking Katz to Hillary Clinton that Snopes claims is false.  We present the evidence for you to decide:

Snopes doesn’t question the authenticity of the first photo:

Snopes claims the person following behind HRC is HRC staffer Barbara Kinney (photo on left below). Via email, Kinney told Snopes that she was the woman in the photo:

I know that it’s now illegal to question a woman’s word so I’ll simply submit a picture of Debra Katz for you to decide who the woman is.  Compare the width of the nose and the set of the eyes:

Uh, yeah.

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Feinstein used that lofty position to orchestrate the character assassination against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with the primary goal of ending his nomination.

As a member of the Gang of Eight (as Co-Chair Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) at the time the soft coup attempt against Donald Trump was originally begun, Feinstein is at least neck-deep in keeping the clandestine attempt to destroy a political opponent hidden from the public.

Is Feinstein simply using her enormous political power for partisan purposes or, is she terrified over what will be discovered inside the documents pending Trump’s final declassification order?

  • Virtually the entire mainstream media and Silicon Valley has advanced every false narrative negative towards President Trump without counterbalance.

Any attempt to offer a defense of President Trump or, in this case, of Brett Kavanaugh has been obscured, censored, and met with derisive editorial content.

Their risk of becoming completely discredited and useless to corrupt elements within the Deep State for further spewing propaganda against the White Hats as they move to ferret the corruption out of government now hangs in the balance..  

This cabal of corrupt players is all a little too cozy to be dismissed as merely coincidental.

This is a cabal of corrupt individuals within government, media organizations, and social media titans with a vested interest in protecting themselves and their political allies from the damning revelations that are contained within the documents awaiting President Trump’s declassification order.

Trump told us his plan when he was running for the presidency:

We are now witnessing the behavior of caged rats in full panic mode as he prepares to drop the sledgehammer of truth (declassification) on them.