With The Sh*t About to Hit the Fan Get Ready For Your Leftist Friends to Suffer a Massive Psychological Meltdown

Elder Patriot – This is the month that the supporters of the radical leftists directing the Democratic Party are going to get their comeuppance.  It is well deserved but we should be prepared to comfort them.

They backed the wrong horse.  For many rank and file Democrats the events that are about to unfold will leave them grasping for something, anything real to hold on to.

On election night, Obama White House insider Ben Rhodes immediately grasped the reality that Donald Trump’s stunning election posed to the future of those who participated in the most corrupt political administration in our nation’s history.

This was the 38-year-old Rhodes’ awakening to the realization that he was finished in politics.  The American people hadn’t so much voted for Donald Trump as they had rejected the bullshit of the Left.  The bullshit that he was responsible for packaging to convince Democrats to eat just a little bit more because it would be good for them.

Now we are preparing to discover just how incompetent the Obama administration really was.  Yes, Obama’s policies made life worse for average Americans but that was in fulfillment of Obama’s Marxist design.

With the counterintelligence operation that was run out of the Obama White House about to blow up in their faces, Rhodes’ sense of detachment from reality is going to be repeated on a massive scale by Obama-Hillary believers who have been banking their political sanity on finding Trump guilty of wrongdoing.

These sycophants have only themselves to blame.  They so wanted to believe that America’s first black president would deliver them to a socialist paradise that they ignored centuries of historical evidence to the contrary. 

Their commitment to believing in Obama was so thorough that those few Republicans who stood guard in defense of our freedoms were castigated for being obstructionists.  Any and all evidence of wrongdoing by Obama or Clinton was dismissed as partisan politics.  These toadies were so vested in their hero and heroine that they could do no wrong.

These Leftist followers were so consigned to their hopes for Obama’s vision that they blindly followed Hillary Clinton despite mountains of evidence that she was the most corrupt presidential candidate in American history.  Their reason?  She promised to carryout Obama’s “third term.”

Now we’re about to see the evidence through the Congressional hearings that start this week, and the OIG Report in coordination with U.S. Attorney John Huber just how corrupt the Obama administration was, and how inept. 

With the intelligence community almost entirely polluted by dishonest Obama appointees running their agencies and with a virtual lock on the propaganda flow coming at us 24/7 through the mainstream media, they still couldn’t pull off the sting operation they were running against Donald Trump.

There was one great success of the Obama disinformation express – the number of people who were anxious to follow the Manchurian president over the cliff.  And those brainwashed souls are about to have their Ben Rhodes moment.

The saddest part of all of this is that by every measurable metric those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are better off – and the country is better off – under the Trump presidency than they were under Obama’s leadership.

Getting people to the point where they’re intent on voting against their own interests really is a masterful accomplishment.  Perhaps Rhodes can find solace in that.