They Shouldn’t Have Pissed Trump Off

ELDER PATRIOT – The arrogant attacks on President Trump by the anti-American crowd scattered everywhere throughout the Deep State and propagated by the globalist controlled mainstream media would’ve made a lesser man crumble by now.

Unfortunately for them, Donald Trump is no ordinary man.  And now they’ve gone and pissed him off.

Trump tried playing nice by bringing many of them into his inner circle to try to better understand their goals but two things happened; they failed to convince him to adopt their agenda and then stabbed him in the back over and over and over again.

That was a big mistake and many of them are finding that out right now.

Do not think for a second that the axing of James Comey is a one-off firing of an out of favor employee.  While Comey’s dismissal was well earned and frankly something Barack Obama should’ve done if he cared about the law, this is the start of an avalanche of firings both on his White House staff and across virtually every agency. 

Comey spent an enormous amount of the F.B.I.’s resources pursuing a case that he never intended to prosecute.  For reasons he’ll be made to answer for when the investigation is re-opened, Comey gave immunity to every one of Hillary Clinton’s accomplices and then allowed them to destroy their laptops, desktops and phones as well as the evidence they contained.  Strike one.

Essentially he chose to protect Hillary Clinton from being exposed as the most treasonous criminal ever to hold public office and he paved the way for her to run for the office of president.  Strike two.

Then he accepted the report from a private forensics company, hired and paid by the DNC, that the DNC had been hacked by Russia without first demanding to have F.B.I. IT experts examine those server(s).  A first year law student would’ve demanded to know what they were hiding.

The entire narrative that grew around Comey’s deliberate malfeasance permitted the Dems to build the Wikileaks-Russia-Trump narrative that was finally disavowed yesterday by the Dem’s elder stateswoman and her party’s Senior Member of the Senate Judiciary CommitteeDiane Feinstein.  Strike three.

I always found the notion that Wikileaks was being fed their information by Russia to be suspect.  If Julian Assange was working for the Russians why was he forced to hold up in a small room in the Ecuadorian Embassy separated from his family for five years while Edward Snowden was given the run of Moscow?

The brazen manner of Comey’s overt undermining of President Trump by abusing every aspect of the trust that was vested in him was amplified by the craven manner in how the mainstream media savaged the president with outright lies and innuendo. 

The “moderates” that Trump had given voice to as part of his inner circle had been leaking like a sieve hoping to destroy, or at least seriously damage, the president and, while Comey did nothing to identify who the leakers are, left the president angered.  Trump realized that there would be no working with these people.  If Trump’s presidency was to have the impact he sacrificed so dearly to make happen for us he knew the time had come to clean house.

Naturally this had to start with releasing Jim Comey who had habitually refused to prosecute anyone working for the government.  As we wrote yesterday he did more to protect Washington’s criminal element than he did to protect the people.  Trump needs an F.B.I. director anxious to help him start Draining the Swamp and it had become clear Comey wasn’t the guy for that.

Trump will be naming Comey’s replacement shortly and then the men and women of America’s top law enforcement agency will be unshackled to finally start doing their jobs assured that they are working with a purpose.

If you think the howls from establishment political crooks and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media accusing Trump of fascism and trying to seize control of the levers of power are loud now, once the prosecutions begin they will become deafening.

It’s time to tighten our chinstraps and dig in for a long ugly siege.  I’m fairly certain Trump is man enough to handle the pressure.  We have seen his resolve since he announced his candidacy and his resolve has hardened since the Deep State’s and the MSM’s relentless assault once he was elected.

The question is, are the rest of us up to this fight?  They are waging a war of public opinion and we mustn’t go wobbly now.

We chose to engage in this war when we voted for Trump and all President Trump needs from us is our support.  This is likely our last chance to get control of our government back.

They shouldn’t have pissed him off.