Short Takeaways: What Yesterday’s Primary Results Tell Us…

The lemmings who comprise the Democrats’ base have shown they’ll accept anyone and anything their masters tell them to.

They actually voted for a cognitively impaired 77-year-old to be their presidential candidate… because that’s who the party’s leadership told them to vote for.

More than a half-century of liberal policies have left these knee-jerk rank and file Democrats worse off but, like battered wives, they find it hard to leave the plantation.

Rank and file Democrats are either oblivious to the fact that their party just determined its candidate, or they’re too stupid to realize the ramifications of trusting a socialist politburo choose the nation’s top executive.

Love Trump or hate him, if Democrat elites have their way there will never be another peaceful revolution, like the one we had in 2016, again.

And, after they confiscate our guns, they will have seized total control over the American people without firing a shot.


Now for the good news: 

In 2016, Donald Trump carried the state of Michigan running against the most qualified Democrat candidate ever… or, so they told us.  His America First policies have been particularly beneficial to the state, so…

The “Show Me” state has shown that Trump will carry Missouri again..

Just as significant is that Trump’s common sense approach to governing – in other words do the people’s business not big business’ business – has cemented his support in deep red states as well…

The only way to explain the massive turnout for a man running unopposed is that the people of this country want to express their gratitude for what he has given up and for what he has done for them.


More good news for Trump…

Exit polls show Joe Biden’s primary wins were fueled by women and African American voters…

Three recent polls have shown Trump is enjoying over 30% backing from African Americans.  If those polls reflect reality, their support is well founded.

Anything over 10% and Democrat can’t win national elections.

As president, Trump has delivered record unemployment within the black community.  Couple that with blacks experiencing unprecedented wage growth and Trump’s support for Historically Black Colleges, and it would appear that blacks, like the other Trump supporters have experienced an awakening.

Funny thing about that, once you see reality you never unsee it.  And no senile 77-year-old is going to change the fact that for almost six decades, Democrats have failed to deliver on their promises.