Shocking Video: Alt-Left Protestors Disgusting Admissions – Why is Donald Trump The Only One Denouncing Them?

ELDER PATRIOT – If you think the alt-Left protest movement is anything more than the preliminary phase of a Marxist uprising here’s proof that you’d better wake up:

“Death to America.  Some of us here f*cking hate this country.”  This is the refrain that alt-Left fascists were shouting as historical monuments were being removed from the University of Texas campus in Austin.

This is the cultural cleansing that always takes place before a communist insurgency can be successful. 

If you think it can’t happen here ask yourself:

  • Why is less than half of the Senate joining the president in denouncing the hatred of the Antifa?  Why isn’t the whole senate denouncing Antifa?
  • Why isn’t a majority of Senators helping President Trump take steps to protect our borders?  Why isn’t the whole senate denouncing Antifa?
  • Why aren’t they insisting on economic sustainability through a balanced budget?  Why isn’t the whole senate denouncing Antifa?
  • And why are they blocking Donald Trump’s attempts to return jobs to America and to strengthen the economy?  Why isn’t the whole senate denouncing Antifa?

Instead Congress defends exporting jobs and manufacturing to the communist Chinese so that China will soon be the dominant manufacturing and military power.  How can the end result of this strategy possibly result in more freedom and safety for Americans?

In Arizona, John McCain’s approval rating is down to 26%.  In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell has plummeted to 18%.  Clearly they have stopped listening to the Americans who elected them – just like “elected” leaders in communist regimes.

We either drain the swamp or our children will drown in it.