SHOCK: DEMOCRAT & Black Bishop Says Non-Whites Incapable of Supporting Themselves – U.S. Congressman Concurs

ELDER PATRIOT – No one knows more about the needs of the Black community than their pastors and the people they elect to represent them.  That is why yesterday’s admission by a Philadelphia Bishop, while a Texas congressman stood behind him nodding his support for the pastor’s words, was shocking to Republicans who long ago let go of this kind of racist stereotyping.

Bishop Dwayne Royster of Philadelphia’s Living Water United Church of Christ was addressing a group of Democrats when he let out with what he believes is the incompetency of people of color:

“This budget, if I can be honest with you, is an attempt to implement ethnic cleansing in this nation from people of color.


“Here is the reality many poor black families and brown families and Asian families and indigenous families will be devastated by this budget.”

Standing directly behind him and to his right was Texas Congressman Al Green who later called for President Trump’s impeachment on the floor of the House of Representatives ostensibly because he is not black.  What other reason could he possibly have considering the president’s agenda has been stalled by Congressional Democrats?

Then, in an amazing display of irrationality Royster told his listeners:

“At the root of all this is an immoral desire to continue the transfer of wealth from the poorest in this nation to a handful of the richest.

Transfer of wealth?  Charity is not wealth?

That’s the way an arrogant self-entitled, ungracious recipient would look at it.  The other view is that when people give you charity you should show your gratitude and challenge yourself to improve your situation so that you no longer need their help. 

Nothing is being cut.  The rate of growth is being slowed.  Complaining that next year’s checks will be only slightly larger that this year’s is as ungracious as possible.

Demanding that someone give you their money is theft.

“Mr. Trump, this is sin in any form.  So we say to Donald Trump hands off our families, hands off our healthcare, hands off this budget, hands off this nation, hands off.

“And make sure, when we go to put a right budget together, make sure it addresses families first, and make sure we’re building this nation at its most basic foundation.”

Royster’s hypocrisy would be laughable if the policies that he’s defending hadn’t devastated the Black family over the past half-century.  Here are the facts:

In 1964, 24.6% of blacks were born out of wedlock.  Today, that rate has soared to 75%. 

What’s the significance of 1964?  The following year Lyndon Johnson ushered Welfare into law and the decline in the nuclear Black family began. This is the real sin!

The best mentors and coaches never allow their pupils to make excuses for falling short.  For Democrats like Royster and Green to make these assertions proves that they have no interest in betting the plight of the people they are there to guide. 

They have moved from claiming these programs serve as a hand up during times of need and have now admitted that they are little more than a deliberate strategy to fund a permanent underclass that they can count on for harvesting votes.