Shock CNN Poll

ELDER PATRIOT – Even the Clinton News Network has been forced to admit that Donald Trump is now leading Hillary Clinton in spite of the networks almost maniacal obsession with propping up the Democrat’s flailing campaign.

CNN released the findings of a poll they conducted from September 1st through September 4th yesterday and it found Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 2 points.  Through the analytics of the data contained in the poll and some common sense the poll’s findings indicate the news is even better for Trump.


Trump is at his high water mark and climbing steadily.  Mrs. Clinton appears to have hit her ceiling and spending the month of August raising money and avoiding the press have left voters wondering about her health and the depth of the corruption that is being exposed by the almost daily release of her emails.

Voters simple don’t find Mrs. Clinton honest or trustworthy:


All of her hedging, including her response to the attack on our consulate and CIA outpost in Benghazi, has voters concerned about her ability to make strong and decisive decisions under pressure.


The poll also finds that Independents are breaking for Donald Trump by a twenty-point margin.


Recent Gallup surveys show that 40% of America’s voters now consider themselves Independents while Democrats and Republicans now attract only 28% each.

Mrs. Clinton’s record over the past two and a half decades in government is so unimpressive (abysmal) that the Clinton campaign has hinged their entire strategy on tainting Donald Trump so that voters consider him worse than her.  As Donald Trump has moderated his tone and Clinton has decided her best option is to hide from the press, her poll numbers are plummeting and Trump’s are exploding.

While things can change quickly in politics, all indications are that it’s blue skies ahead for Trump.  Clinton’s violation of the public trust continues being exposed with new revelations almost daily and she’s no longer in a position to do anything to correct her failed leadership record. 

On the other hand, Trump has a message that will have more resonance with voters who are just beginning to tune in to the election – jobs and security. 

It’s also likely that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will find most of his support fleeing to Donald Trump as voters realize the folly of making a “statement” vote in such a critical election.  The Libertarian party has never gotten more than 1.06% of the vote and it’s unlikely that they will garner much more than that this time around.

Conversely, there’s not enough support for Green Party candidate Jill Stein to help Hillary’s numbers much at all.

It now appears that with the finish line in sight it’s Donald Trump’s race to lose.