Sessions House Testimony a Study in Contradiction – Will He or Won’t He Prosecute Ironclad Case Against Clinton, Obama, Et Al?

Elder Patriot – We’ve spent more than two years documenting the ever-growing mountain of evidence that proves the FBI had been corrupted to shield the Clinton’s and the Obama administration from prosecution under the direction of Robert Mueller and later his protégé James Comey.

Prior to that Clinton and Obama had conspired to ignore the Espionage Act and exposed top-secret emails over an unsecure server.

We’ve dedicated precious column space beginning in June to reporting that then FBI director Mueller, then special investigator Andrew McCabe (now Deputy Director of the FBI), and Rod Rosenstein the current Deputy Attorney General of the Department of Justice who was the U.S. attorney leading the investigation into Russian bribery, extortion, kickbacks, and money laundering all conspired to deliberately hide evidence so that Hillary Clinton could effectively sell an important national security element to a hostile foreign government for her personal enrichment.

The deal that enriched the Clinton’s slush fund with $143 million saw 20% of the United States’ uranium stock sold to a Kremlin controlled company.  And, Mueller’s FBI covered up evidence that would’ve blocked the scandalous sale.

As damaging to national security as those scandals were, we have learned that it was literally just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to Sibel Edmonds we have evidence of Mueller’s direct involvement in deliberately obscuring the Obama administration’s funding of, and ties to, Islamic terror networks operating here in the Unite States.

Edmonds, who had worked for the FBI, had first-hand experience with Mueller when he suppressed evidence in a case that she brought against the agency and on which he issued a gag order to silence the truth about terrorist networks already operating inside the country.

Edmonds charges that, “There were FBI agents, not only in the Washington field office, but also in the Chicago and Patterson field offices, who were blowing the whistle on Mueller internally, saying he’s squashing our investigations [into terror networks].

I was the one who stepped outside of the FBI, went to Congress, went to IG, it was a game. This same Mueller, who invoked the state secrets privilege, placed gag orders to protect, to protect, this terrorist network.” 

Edmonds is referring to Mueller’s quashing of, by what some estimates is, a $200 billion dollar Gulen movement named after radical Islamist cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Gulen’s approach to Islamizing the West was made clear in a 1999 speech that he gave to his followers:

“You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers. . . . Until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere, like in the tragedies in Algeria, like in 1982 [in] Syria,  . . . like in the yearly disasters and tragedies in Egypt.   [. . .]   The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it.   [. . .]   You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey.  [ . . .]   Now, I have expressed my feelings and thoughts to you all—in confidence . . . trusting your loyalty and secrecy. I know that when you leave here, [just] as you discard your empty juice boxes, you must discard the thoughts and the feelings that I expressed here.”

In 2000, Gulen was tried in absentia by a Turkish security court for endeavoring to replace Turkey’s secular government with an Islamic one; the indictment alleged that his movement had attempted to infiltrate Turkey’s military schools. 

In laymen terms, Gulen is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and he controls a nationwide network of charter schools here in the United States that numbers in the hundreds of institutions.

How is all of this relevant to Robert Mueller?  Mueller served as FBI director during the growth of Gulen’s network of “madrassas” across the United States.

While primarily a Muslim nation, Turkey is a secularist state and the Turkish government under President Recep Erdogan hired Michael Flynn to expose Gulen.  After Flynn was named Trump’s National Security Advisor, he was preparing to sound the alarm about Gulen’s network when Mueller’s friend and successor at the FBI, James Comey turned his focus on Flynn.

Flynn resigned rather than become another distraction to the already besieged nascent Trump administration.   When Mueller was named special counsel it was game on. 

Mueller became desperate to hide his involvement in hiding the growing terror network inside the United States under Obama orders.

The special counsel almost immediately turned his guns on Flynn and, with the help of the mainstream media, proceeded to defame Flynn before he could blow the whistle on the growing Islamist threat that Gulen was spearheading in our country.

Whatever Flynn’s involvement with the Turkish government was from there is unknown and a matter of conjecture at this time.  What cannot be denied is Special Counsel Mueller is determined not to allow Flynn to publicly tie the infiltration of Islamic extremists inside our government, schools and media organizations while Mueller was the FBI director for twelve years.

Now that he no longer has total control over our intelligence agencies, we are learning that the Obama administration’s alignment with, and promotion of, radical Islam continues to prove much more sinister than the mainstream media ever reported.

There was a reason the Saudi’s funded as much as 20% of Hillary’s campaign.  The Saudi’s desire to spread Wahabbism is not a secret nor is Obama’s often-unexplainable defense of the spread of radical Islam, including here in the United States. 

Remember Obama’s abuse of the presidential privilege governing immigration that he used to dictate importing tens of thousands of Muslims from radicalized nations at great expense to taxpayers.  This demands to be investigated in light of Mueller’s attempt to silence Flynn.

Yesterday, Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, announced that he might be looking into appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the crimes of Hillary Clinton. 

Sessions is a measured man, who you will remember offered a plea deal to Hillary Clinton following his appointment so as to put this mess to rest.  He realized that any public airing of an ongoing investigation would be a major distraction from President Trump’s agenda – even more so than the Russian collusion story has been.

But, Sessions hasn’t been sitting idle.  His investigators inside the DOJ have been building the case against her but he is measuring how, in the ensuing investigation, he can shield an ex-president from prosecution if he were to appoint a special counsel.

Clinton had been given a chance to walk away somewhat gracefully.  Instead she chose to risk a scorched earth policy and Comey, Mueller, et al were forced to defend the indefensible.  And, in the process, their complicity in Obama’s and the Clintons’ auctioning of America to the highest bidders – to a large degree radical Islamic bidders – is now going to blowup in their collective faces.