Senior Democrat Suffers Meltdown Over Possible Investigation Shutdown – Here’s Why

Adam Schiff is the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.  He is panicked over the committee’s inability to find even a single trace of evidence on which to base continuing the investigation into possible co-ordination of Russia with then candidate Trump to tilt the election to the billionaire blue-collar businessman.

On Friday Schiff (D-CA), in a display of blatant partisanship implored Republicans to keep the investigation going.  The expense be damned.  The Constitution be damned.  The will of the people be damned.  Just don’t focus this investigation on anyone other than President Trump.

Adam face it, you’ve got nothing.  You and the criminal enterprise you belong to, the Democratic Party, bet the house on a quote from your fellow Marxist and infamous sidekick to Joseph Stalin, Lavrentiy Beria, and for once you came up empty:

Seventeen intelligence agencies and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller have been diligently search for something on Trump for the past year and a half and they have all come up empty in an attempt to tie Trump to Russia or, for that matter, any other illegal activity.

Wow!  Imagine Schiff’s disappointment to learn that Trump really is that clean.

Here’s a suggestion for Representative Schiff, give it up.  Despite millions of dollars, subpoena power, seventeen intelligence agencies (when they’re not discrediting themselves), a network of leakers inside the White House and throughout the government, and the investigative resources of the mainstream media you’ve got nothing.  Zip, zero, nada.

Perhaps you should ask for help from the alternative media.  You know who we are.  We’re the ones you’ve labeled as fake news.

Without any of the resources your political hit squad has we’ve exposed the co-ordination that has existed between Barack Obama, the Clintons, and your Democratic Party and the Russians.  Your party’s unanimous defense of the criminal behavior of both the Obama administration and Hillary and Bill Clinton has destroyed every last ounce of integrity you might’ve once had.

Why you were all so intent on protecting the criminal enterprise that they built will be known soon enough.

Working with less than a small fraction of the resources at your disposal here’s just a short list of some of what we’ve uncovered from our investigations so far:

  • The sale of 20% of the control of Uranium One to Russia while the Clintons’ Foundation was being enriched by $145 million from the interested parties.
  • A witness with boxes of documents and undercover videos proving Obama’s FBI director and Attorney General deliberately buried information that would’ve given the board of CIFIUS no choice but to have vetoed that sale.
  • The sharing of highly-guarded cyber technology with Russia in Skolkovo.
  • Former President Clinton being paid $500,000 for a short speech in Moscow by a Kremlin-connected bank.
  • Your party’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, and your party’s political arm, the DNC, laundered $13 million through a law firm to pay the Russians to dummy up a compromising hit-piece on Donald Trump in the hopes of influencing the election.
  • Your president, Barack Obama, signing off on using that phony dossier to illegally obtain FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on your party’s political opponents in the best traditions of the KGB.

There’s enough here to put half of your party in prison for the remainder of their natural lives and to destroy the political careers of the remaining party members for their refusal to investigate and/or malfeasance in doing so. 

You have exposed yourselves as Democrats first and Americans sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States last.

This is especially troubling for Schiff, who as his party’s leader on the House Intelligence Committee is responsible for protecting the Democrats from criminal inquiry, something that is most likely to follow once this charade is dismissed.

They totalitarian Democrat leadership won’t take kindly to his failure to protect them.

If there’s any justice at all left in the halls of the Department of Justice and the Capitol Building the Democrats will all be made to hang together.