Senate Intel Committee Findings Demand Indictments

Elder Patriot – Two days ago the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Richard Burr came to the cameras and made a shocking revelation that should’ve been followed with indictments.

Here’s the short 22-second clip of Burr dropping the committee’s bombshell findings:

“The committee continues to look into all evidence to see if there was any hint of collusion. Now I’m not gonna even discuss initial findings because we haven’t any.”

Nine months into Donald Trump’s presidency, the investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia collusion has turned up nothing – not even a hint of a conspiracy.

At least not a conspiracy between our president and any hostile foreign entities.

However, it has become impossible to deny that their “investigation,” that started with false allegations and absent any evidence, has revealed that the intelligence community had itself entered into a criminal conspiracy with, at the least, elected members of the House and Senate and the mainstream media.

The mainstream media, including virtually all of Hollywood, conducted a public lynching of President Trump based on nothing but allegations and the words of elected scumbags like Maxine Waters (her words not mine,) John McCain, Adam Schiff, Jackie Speiers, and Eric Swalwell among dozens of others, while co-conspirator Republicans refused to defend the peoples’ choice for president.

Here’s the million dollar question, “Why didn’t Burr announce an investigation into how and why all of these false and intentionally damaging allegations got started and who were behind them and how they stood to profit?”

Donald Trump had entered the race for president as an outsider and now it’s clear that outsiders are not to be trusted by the criminal element that run our government, specifically their control over the massive tax revenues, that enrich only themselves to the point of massive, perhaps un-repayable debt for the rest of us.

Even Special Counsel Robert Mueller, armed with unfathomable and even unconstitutionally broad investigative power, has come up empty.  Given Burr’s admission yesterday we have every right to demand that Mueller put up or shut up immediately.

With no evidence against President Trump after more than a year of investigations, it’s time to acknowledge that the basis for Muller’s appointment in the first place was to be as disruptive to the efforts of the outsider president as possible, as he attempts to return what has become their government back to We the People.

We deserve to see indictments against members of the mainstream media, Deep State operatives, and the billionaire financiers that have been working for decades to hijack our government and, who now that Americans have awakened to their conspiracy, are openly conducting a coup against the president simply because he is working for us and not for them.