Senate Healthcare Bill For Dummies: More Expensive Than Obamacare!!!

ELER PATRIOT – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood before the party faithful at the Republican National Convention and claimed to have sent 80 different Obamacare repeal bills to then-president Obama only to have them vetoed. 

“We put Obamacare on the president’s desk, he voted it.  Donald Trump would sign it”:

McConnell’s words were red meat to his party’s rank and file and bolstered Republican candidates’ promises to repeal Obamacare as they hit the campaign trail following the convention.  It was also a major reason voters gave the House, Senate and Presidency to the Republicans.

It didn’t matter.  McConnell, as well as the socialist wing of his party had no intention to ever repeal Obamacare, something we opined from the outset.  McConnell and the majority of the other Republican Senators are likely to never again defend free market Capitalism and they proved it with the release of their “fix” – not a repeal – to our current Obamacare debacle.

With majorities in both houses and a president with his pen at the ready, establishment Republicans led by McConnell have told their party’s rank and file to go scratch with the rollout of the Senate’s version of a healthcare “fix” this week.

Here’s why:

The bill engages in budgetary slight of hand.  McConnell is trying to woo conservatives with deeper cuts to Medicaid.  However, the cuts won’t kick in until 2025, two presidential elections from now when the political landscape is likely to be much different.

In other words, as Medicaid costs continue spiraling out of control, there is no guarantee that taxpayers will ever realize a single penny of savings because whoever holds power at that time can make any changes to this bill – even repeal it in its entirety – that they want.

In the meantime Republican Congressmen will be stuck explaining to their constituents why their healthcare costs have continued to rise.

McConnell knows this.  Perhaps it’s his way of “cleansing” Congress of those pesky few conservatives who stand in the way of a one-party system.

The bill provides no relief for insurers from ObamaCare’s pre-existing conditions protections. Coupled with the fact that the bill does repeal the individual mandate, the Senate version virtually guarantees that more people will opt not to buy insurance “necessarily” forcing costs to skyrocket.

This was a key sticking point in getting the bill through the House and was finally addressed by the McArthur-Meadows Amendment that allowed states to opt out of providing coverage for pre-existing conditions under certain circumstances.

McConnell has effectively told his party’s conscience, the conservative caucus, shut up and sit down because he’ll get the needed votes from Democratic Senators, or he’ll just let Obamacare stay in place.

The McArthur-Meadows Amendment recognized the State’s and the peoples’ Tenth Amendment protections something that Statists like McConnell ignore in their inexorable drive to a bigger and bigger federal government.

The bill continues forcing taxpayers to bail out insurers who are failing because of other requirements the bill places on insurers.

The House bill got conservatives on board by providing funds for states to set up high-risk pools to take sick people out of the broader insurance market while still protecting them.  This would reduce costs to insurers allowing them to offer affordable and more comprehensive insurance tailored to the widest range of consumers once again.

It would also return the power to states to handle their most costly patients, as they deem appropriate.  This, as directed by the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, is also where these powers and responsibilities are vested, not in a leviathan government that allows Californians to exert more influence over the residents of any other state than that state’s own voters do.

McConnell stripped this from the Senate version entirely and maintains the same reimbursement scheme that Obamacare used.

This approach continues distorting the free market the results of which we have witnessed under Obamacare – spiraling premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

Continuing to fund the bail out private companies has been characterized as a band-aid.  It’s far worse.  It’s an open sore that is going to get worse.  Costs will continue rising resulting in higher taxes, increased debt and a slowing economy.

The Democrats shoved the national healthcare monstrosity down our throats and Americans have given the Republicans a mandate to repeal it.  Republicans know they were elected to do this.  They unanimously ran on repealing Obamacare without any promise to maintain a single aspect of it.

Only President Trump campaigned on a promise to “Repeal and Replace,” it and he’s had no hand in the Senate’s version at all.

Now Republican leadership in the Senate has put forth a bill that doesn’t even consider making serious fixes to it so that their constituents – both taxpayers and consumers – have choice and affordability.  They witnessed the House process where conservatives were prepared to die on principle if it came to that yet they’ve chosen to ignore that fact.

They also ignored the blueprint that did make its way through the House successfully and tossed it aside for something that can’t pass without the votes of Democrats and that even a first year finance student knows will only result in higher costs to consumers and taxpayers, further drag the economy down and increase our debt.

The House bill was far from restoring free market principles to our healthcare system but it was a lot closer than McConnell’s version.  The bill McConnell came forth with takes Obamacare and makes it worse!

What more proof is necessary that McConnell and his Republican colleagues in the Senate swim in the same socialist swamp as the Democrats do?