Senate and Congressional Republican Leaders Must Explain Their Link to George Soros

ELDER PATRIOT – Certain Republican Congressional and Senate leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, ex-Speaker John Boehner, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security Michael McCaul, and Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, John Cornyn, and Marco Rubio have a lot to answer for.

Remember when Donald Trump was grilled non-stop for days over being endorsed by David Duke, a former Klansman he had never met, never took a penny from, and of whom he disavowed both the endorsement and even knowing who he was?

And do you remember how the Republicans named above distanced themselves from Donald Trump at various times during his campaign to undermine his candidacy?  Well, we have uncovered at least one thing they all have in common beyond their opposition to Trump.

As reported by, every one of the leaders mentioned above has accepted significant campaign contributions from the world’s single most aggressive open borders globalist, George Soros through his Soros Fund Management.

Considering each of the Congressional Republicans’ devotion to open borders and their commitment to amnesty for illegal aliens why isn’t the mainstream media demanding explanations for these financial and policy links to George Soros?

Why hasn’t a single mainstream news outlet even bothered to report this leadership link to one of the world’s most devious men?

After the way that they obsessed over the David Duke endorsement how can the mainstream media in good conscience avoid reporting on this actual money trail linking these leaders to this anti-American activist who is funding unrest around the world but especially the recent rioting by subversives here in the United States?

The sums involved, while significant, are not large enough to conclude that these duplicitous politicians are on Soros’ payroll, but it should be kept in mind that this is just the first link we’ve uncovered between them.

It is clear that these contributions were targeted specifically to them.  In all, the Soros Fund Management only made contribution to 9 senators and 9 house members over the past two election cycles.

With the events in recent days of leaks about the details of President Trump’s phone calls with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shouldn’t we at least question the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security Michael McCaul to determine what he knows about those leaks?

How about questioning John McCain’s authority in calling Australia’s Prime Minister following Trump’s conversation with him?  Is McCain running a counter-government to undermine the president’s foreign policy?  McCain ran to the phone to call Turnbull to undermine Trump but he has remained strikingly silent about the rioting on our nation’s campuses.

Why is Paul Ryan insistent on promoting his “Better Way” agenda in opposition to Donald Trump’s agenda when Ryan did nothing, absolutely nothing to stop Obama’s agenda over the past eight years?

It’s also fair to ask, why are these Republicans demanding revenue neutral policies – after making no such demands on President Obama – from the new president when they know that it will stifle his efforts to kick-start the economy and return the United States to economic pre-eminence, something George Soros won’t countenance?

Even if Soros supports them only because he finds their political orientation friendly to his globalist plan to make the United States but a single ordinary nation among many, they should be held to account as to why that is the case.

At one time we had a House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).  It was closed in 1975 when the Democrats had veto-proof control and the Senate and a majority in the House.

With our universities have been transformed into hotbeds of Marxist teaching and thought, and the fascist response we are witnessing directed towards anyone who dares espouse any pro-American sentiment, it’s time to bring it back.