Senate Charges Obama With Funding the Destabilization of Foreign Democracies

ELDER PATRIOT – Six Senators – Mike Lee, Thom Tillis, Ted Cruz, James Imhofe, David Perdue, and Bill Cassidy – have sent a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asking him to get to the bottom of federal funding by the Obama administration that found it’s way into Soros-backed organizations seeking to illegally influence the politics in Macedonia and Albania.


“The destabilizing effects of such actions in a NATO country are clear and the threat for further escalation eminent.”

“With these and other situations in mind, it is troubling that this behavior seems to have become a default of many of our embassies, AID missions, and diplomatic outposts throughout the world.  Time and again, foreign leaders visiting Washington have expressed concerns to us about how American taxpayer funds are being counterproductively in their respective countries.  The situations in Albania and Macedonia are timely examples of this, but we have heard similar concerns from Latin American and African nations as well.”


“…review how all of our tax dollars are being utilized in order to halt activities that are fomenting political unrest, disrespecting national sovereignty and civil society, and ultimately undermining our attempts to build beneficial international relationships.”

While we all heavily suspected that this was going on it is devastating to consider that the mainstream media hasn’t uttered a word about Obama’s connections to subverting foreign democracies. They’re too busy looking for Trump’s tax returns, I guess.

Obama left one deep infested swamp behind.