Seismic Shake-up Coming to Congress Unless…

ELDER PATRIOT – Unless both Houses of Congress can come together and pass meaningful healthcare and tax reform there will be a massive upheaval of establishment politicians in 2018.  Even if they pass a massive infrastructure deal that will not be enough to save those representatives and senators who blocked Trump’s other two initiatives.

Republicans intent on neutering Trump’s agenda to eliminate him in 2020 are fooling themselves.  Many won’t make it past 2018 because the president has positioned himself as having “pen in hand” ready to sign anything that might help the working men and women who elected him.

Trump was elected because he promised to force Washington to do the work of the people and to stop penalizing the working stiffs for the benefits of its corporate cronies.   

Even if they pass a massive infrastructure bill Trump will be able claim that it proves Washington’s willingness to engage in enormous income redistribution but little else.

The Democrats are in even worse shape.  Their president created the healthcare mess while they held total control of both Houses of Congress. 

Now, despite having every opportunity to help Trump make even minor fixes to the $1.6 trillion per year debacle, every single Dem refused to even consider voting for the “skinny” repeal option that didn’t repeal anything but did attempt to restore at least some free market principles to the system. 

Incumbent Dems will be forced to answer for this vote that removes any remaining question about their devotion to Marxism.

Trump’s “bull in the china shop” campaign style will expose every legislator who has let American workers down and who are up for re-election. 

The Deep State knows that its massive investment in electing and controlling the House and Senate is unlikely to continue. 

The mainstream media dutifully reports on the president’s unpopularity in polls.  Of course their polls also claimed Hillary was going to have a landslide electoral victory and was likely to sweep control of both houses of Congress as well.

Poling such as this is aimed more at convincing their dwindling constituency that they are winning but other polling reveals just the opposite is true.

In their own polls, Congress’ approval rating is down to 10%.  That means Trump is 2-4 times more popular than they are.  This portends a massive defeat in 2018 and beyond.  Remember, in 2016 Trump didn’t win a popularity contest so much as Hillary lost the unpopularity contest.  Insanity is repeating the same thing over again expecting a different result. 

In 2015 we threw our support behind Trump based on one simple hope.  We predicted he would meet opposition at every turn but we said the stagnation would be worth it if the result is breaking up the Washington swamp – the Deep State and its front men who sit in the House and Senate.

If Trump is accomplishing nothing else he is on his way to accomplishing this.  That is why former CIA agent Philip Mudd told CNN’s audience:

“Let me give you one bottom line – as a former government official, the government’s gonna kill this guy.” 

Though Mudd later claimed he was speaking metaphorically, given the current climate that has ginned up hatred for the president, it’s hard to see this as anything more than a dog whistle to the anti-Trump zealots.