Secretary of State Defies Trump: Partners With Soros to Oust Trump’s Hungarian PM Ally

Elder Patriot – The appointment of Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State has turned out to be a huge mistake by President Trump.  Tillerson has refused to clean house at Foggy Bottom meaning Obama leftovers are still running things.  And, Tillerson is still rubberstamping their actions to undermine the president’s agenda.

While Tillerson is reportedly on the way out the fact is his departure won’t happen soon enough.

Tillerson’s latest decision puts a blatant thumb in the president’s eye. 

Victor Orban is the Prime Minister of Hungary and a Trump ally.  He’s not just an ally but he’s also a kindred spirit when it comes to protecting Hungary’s culture and economy.

Orban is a product of Soviet era domination and recognizes tyranny when it rears its ugly head.  He also knows that the only thing that sustained the Hungarian people through the domination of Hitler’s Third Reich and then the Soviet Union was its Christian faith.

That is why Orban opposes the European Union on mass migration.  In a speech he delivered only 10 days ago he defended the policies that the people who elected him to protect them from what amounts to an invading army under the direction of Brussels:

“Let’s speak to the point. Migration is not the goal of the Soros Plan, but merely its means. 

“Millions of people in Africa and the Middle East are being encouraged to come to Europe; indeed they are even being transported here, in order to debilitate nations and deliver the coup de grâce to Christian culture.

“This is the only logical explanation for millions of people being transported to Europe from other cultures – as there must be some sort of explanation for why this is happening now. We cannot consider this to be an accident.

“Europe [could] defend its borders if it wanted to … what is lacking is not the ability to do so, but the will. And this lack of will is not unintentional, but the consequence of a definite underlying attitude that, in a United States of Europe, nations and their Christian character are more of a drawback than a benefit.”

The speech could’ve been made by Donald Trump to any group of American patriots he might be appearing before.  In fact, Trump was elected primarily because he had the courage to give voice to these views.

Oh, Orban also defied orders from Brussels and built a border wall that successfully cut immigration by over 99%. 

George Soros and his network of puppet politicians within the European Union have targeted Orban for defying their march towards turning the West into “rootless, multicultural mass consumers.” 

This raises the question as to why Rex Tillerson would authorize directing $700,000 to oppose Orban’s re-election in the Hungarian media.   

The Hungarian government has denounced the U.S. State Department’s actions for what it regards as blatant interference in its internal affairs ahead of national elections in Spring 2018.

Tillerson has essentially dedicated American tax dollars to “educate journalists on how to practice their trade” according to a direct quote released by State.  That money could be better spent educating American “journalists” don’t you think?

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó was highly critical of Tillerson’s decision saying:

“What is this if not an intervention in the election campaign and the domestic politics of Hungary? Which Washington office can judge the applications of media organizations from a Hungarian county and what kind of balanced service they would like to offer?” 

Hungarian officials are not overreacting.  Trump’s opponents here at home became apoplectic when it was discovered that some Russian entity had bought $100,000 worth of Facebook ads during the last presidential election.  It didn’t matter that the origination of the ads were never tied to the Kremlin or that they didn’t favor Trump.

Hungary is right to reject such overt action to undermine their president and their nationalist movement.  And Trump will be right to jettison Rex Tillerson as soon as possible.