Second Briefing By Commission on Election Integrity: More Evidence of Voter Fraud

On September 8th we reported that Kris Kobach, Vice Chairman of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, had uncovered significant evidence of voter fraud in at least one state so far, New Hampshire. 

The numbers of votes in question are significant enough to raise doubts about the legitimacy of the election of Maggie Hassan to the United States Senate, as well as the make-up of New Hampshire’s congressional delegation.  It’s also raises questions as to how the state’s electoral votes were assigned.

The mainstream media, owned and directed by the same corporate-globalist interests that have constructed the D.C. swamp, have refused to report this.  Desperate to protect their establishment political pawns many states are working overtime to keep prevent their fraudulent electoral activities from being exposed.

President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity second meeting took place on September 12th and has been followed by the same silence despite the presence of a significant number of reporters who were informed of existing and potential problems that should give any American with common sense and concern for our democratic process cause for alarm.

The first panel included Andrew Smith of the University of New Hampshire, Kimball Brace of Election Data Services Inc., and John Lott all of whom testified about historical election turnout statistics and the effects of election integrity issues on voter confidence.

Lott also testified that his statistical analyses show that contrary to establishment demagoguery, voter ID does not depress voter turnout. In fact, there is evidence that it may actually increase turnout because it increases public confidence in elections.

The second panel at the briefing featured Donald Palmer, the former chief election official in two states—Florida and Virginia—testify about the problems that exist in state voter registration systems.

Palmer presented recommendations to improve the accuracy of voter rolls, including working toward “interoperability” of state voter lists so that states “can identify and remove duplicate registration of citizens who are registered to vote in more than one state.”

Robert Popper, a former Justice Department lawyer now with Judicial Watch, testified about the failure of the Justice Department to enforce the provisions of the National Voter Registration Act that require states to maintain the accuracy of their voter lists.  Now whose justice department do you think he was talking about?

Popper pointed to his findings that there has been a “pervasive failure by state and county officials” to comply with the National Voter Registration Act, and complained about the under-enforcement of state laws against voter fraud.

In July we reported on a number of voting precincts where turnout exceeded 100% but that the mainstream media for the most part avoided reporting about.

Also among presenters on the second panel was Ken Block of Simpatico Software Systems who offered a stunning report on the comparison of voter registration and voter history data from 21 states and how difficult and expensive it was to get voter data from many states—data that is supposed to be freely available to the public.

Block noted that, “the variability in access, quality, cost, and data provided impedes the ability to examine voter activity between states.”

The commission also presented three computer experts—Andrew Appel of Princeton University, Ronald Rivest of MIT, and Harri Hursti of Nordic Innovation Labs who gave evidence about the ability of hackers to alter electronic voting equipment or any other device that uses the internet (and even those that don’t.)   

It’s been more than a year since we first discussed the establishment powerbrokers plan to steal elections.  And, we continued presenting evidence before the November election and then in December we called on President-elect Trump to investigate these illegalities that have allowed the Marxist-Atheists in the Democratic Party to maintain the party’s status as a major political force.

Appel made a series of “technological and organization” recommendations in the interest of ensuring that when voters go to the polls, they will be able to “trust that their votes will be recorded accurately, counted accurately, and aggregated accurately.”

Meanwhile, the MSM refuses to report about this issue and Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, establishment Republicans and the entire Democratic caucus refuses to fund any efforts to clean up this problem.  That’s damning evidence, in and of itself, that these swamp monsters know they directly benefit from all of this fraud.