If It’s Scorched Earth They Want Then Trump Should Give it to Them

Elder Patriot – Remember when Hillary Clinton scolded Donald Trump at the third debate?  The arrogant bitch was so certain that she was going to win that she demanded Trump accept the results of the election because Americans have always had peaceful transitions of power.

Then Trump won and his transition has been anything but peaceful proving that you can’t trust anything that Democrats – any Democrats – say,ever.

They have gone after President Trump for everything from colluding with Russia and obstruction of justice to destroying the lives of his associates.  There have been no facts to support the collusion or obstruction charges.

And, as far as the politics of personal destruction goes, there really is no limit to how low the Democrats will go to wrest power from Trump.  They are trying to drive him from office by shaming him and making his personal life a living hell.

With the full backing of the despicable Marxist mainstream media they have gone after the president for decades old past indiscretions that hold no legal implications for the president.  They do, however, serve to embarrass him and more importantly his wife.

There’s an old saying that the president should now consider as he moves to defend himself while his Attorney General sits idle: “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

Back in late November 2017 we reported on the secret congressional fund that was funded with taxpayers money and used to silence the victims who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of our representatives and senators.

Seventeen and a quarter million dollars were spent to hide the sexual aggressions – including rape – in 264 reported incidents – in the House alone.  Payments there averaged $65,306 per assault.

Here’s the official list:

The average settlement in 2002 was $397,408!  What the hell were our elected paragons of virtue, who will soon sit in judgement of our president, paying to hide?  Worse, where Trump entered into private agreements using his own money these predators were throwing taxpayers’ money around rather freely.

If Trump is guilty of anything it’s thinking he could do business with these swamp rats.  

And it promises to get worse.  A lawyer who represented former Vice President Spiro Agnew warned Trump he “must resign if he has any interest in saving his family from [special counsel] Mueller.”

There seems to be only one thing Trump’s enemies understand – the threat of a scorched earth.  It’s how the Clintons kept the House and Senate in line and it’s looking more and more it’s something Trump may be forced to employ to save his America First agenda.

President Trump, it’s time to release the FISA documents and to release the names of these feckless sexual predators who dare to use public funds to hide their crimes.  The let the chips fall where they may.