Why Schumer Has Declared War On Jeff Sessions’ Nomination As Attorney General

ELDER PATRIOT – As soon as Donald Trump announced his choice of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General newly selected senate minority leader Chuck Schumer stated his intentions to try to block Sessions approval.

Schumer intends to revive the unsubstantiated claims made thirty years ago by a black co-worker that Ted Kennedy relied on to torpedo Session’s appointment to the federal bench.  It was as disgusting as Kennedy’s later takedown of Robert Bork’s Supreme Court nomination that relied again on the unsubstantiated claim of Anita Hill.  Kennedy’s reckless disregard for uncovering the truth about both appointees irresponsibly destroyed the reputations of two good men and deprived America of two potentially great jurists.

Kennedy only wanted some conservative scalps in order to put a political thumb in the eye of the popular president Ronald Reagan and to enhance his personal image as a defender of civil liberties.  As Kennedy did then so Schumer plans to do now.

Schumer will not succeed in blocking Sessions’ appointment, however.  Sessions requires only 51 votes in the senate to be confirmed and the Republicans can supply that without the help of Democrats.  That fact may be the reason that Senate Democrats are moving to support Sessions as I write this.

Already Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has expressed his support of Sessions appointment.

This is likely because Manchin weighed those unsubstantiated claims against Sessions’ well-publicized record for defending civil rights. 

Sessions record is impressive in that regard.  While he was a U.S. attorney Sessions led the fight to desegregate Alabama’s schools.  He also insisted on keeping the trial of the Ku Klux Klan member who killed a random black teenager in the Alabama courts because he was intent on seeking the death penalty. 

Later, as Alabama’s Attorney General he oversaw the execution of that Klansman and then successfully prosecuted the case against the KKK that yielded a $7 Million civil judgment and effectively shut the hate group down in the state.

Sessions, remembering Ted Kennedy’s politically motivated smear against his nomination thirty years ago also voted to approve Eric Holder when Obama tapped Holder to be his AG.

The significance of Machin’s vote should not be underestimated.  Manchin was elected to replace Democratic Senator Robert Byrd who died in 2010.  While he was alive Byrd had been consistently referred to by Democrats and the mainstream media as “the conscience of the senate.”

The same Democrats who destroyed the reputation of Robert Bork and tried to destroy Jeff Sessions conveniently ignored the fact that Robert Byrd actually had been a member of the KKK and rose to the rank of Grand Kleagle after recruiting 150 of his friends to start a new chapter with him.

Byrd once wrote to Mississippi Senator Ted Bilbo:

“I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

— Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944

There’s nothing unsubstantiated about the charges against Senator Byrd.  Hopefully, Senator Manchin is motivated to putting an end to form of baseless political rhetoric.

Sessions is also stridently opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens based on the economic impact that it will cause.  He also wrote in a Washington Post editorial only last year:

“Legal immigration is the primary source of low-wage immigration into the United States…What we need now is immigration moderation: slowing the pace of new arrivals so that wages can rise, welfare rolls can shrink and the forces of assimilation can knit us all more closely together.”

Senator Schumer, having just witnessed Americans overwhelming rejection of more than 900 Democrats in this year’s election is well aware that his party must look elsewhere for voters if they are to regain electoral power in the future.  Schumer sees curbs on immigration as a direct threat to his party’s recruitment of new voters and nothing more than that.  Unable to argue the truths underpinning Sessions’ policy position, Schumer instead plans to attack Sessions as a xenophobic bigot. 

Schumer was elected to head the Senate Democrats because he hold’s a “safe seat.”  It’s unlikely New Yorkers would ever vote to replace him no matter what level of bomb throwing he may resort to.  Schumer’s security comes as a result of New York’s incredibly large immigrant community and that should concern every American who values our nation’s traditional principles or even moderation in their elected leaders.

Chuck Schumer will besmirch Jeff Sessions not because Sessions is a threat to civil rights – quite the opposite is true, and Schumer knows it – but because as his party’s leader he must make every effort to perpetuate the lie that the Republican Party is built upon racism.