ELDER PATRIOT – Only two weeks into her highly hyped news show Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly it’s clear that NBC made a huge mistake giving Kelly $20 million per year.

She’s finished behind re-runs of 60 Minutes and America’s Funniest Home Videos by 40% in each of her first two weeks and even NBC can see she’s done it the old fashioned way – no not way – she earned it.

After her interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in her NBC debut, Kelly appeared to be way out of her league. And the Huffington Post confirmed just how poorly prepared she actually was.  HuffPost released the unedited interview that showed Kelly nervously lobbing Putin “softballs.”

It was downhill from there.  Week two was worse.  More people watched or listened to Alex Jones’ play-by-play of Kelly’s sliced and diced hit piece on him than tuned in to watch Megyn’s version of it.

The result, Don Kaplan at the New York Daily News made this observation, “Megyn Kelly is getting crushed in the big leagues and it’s beginning to show,”

This is distinctly counter to her earlier braggadocio when she told the New York Times, “I understand what that show is. That show is a show I was born to do,” while promoting the new show and the reason for her jump to NBC. 

The Former Fox News “talent” Megyn Kelly boasted to anyone who would listen prior to the debut of her new NBC show that she has always felt that she was “born” to be a mainstream media personality.

The early returns suggest just the opposite is true.  Perhaps Kelly’s failure was predictable since NBC hasn’t engaged in serious news reporting in years so they can be forgiven for misreading on-air talent.

NBC is now desperately offering her back to Fox where she had enjoyed her most success.

One high-ranking Fox News executive didn’t hesitate before addressing the NBC offer, “There is no way Kelly would ever be welcomed back.”

After all, Fox has already proven that they can make just about any pretty face into a success.  Why hire one with a huge ego? 

Maybe she could try the Lingerie Football League…if she were tough enough.