Schadenfreude: Dem Donor Harvey Weinstein Drags Radical Leftists Moore and Tarantino Down With Him

Elder Patriot – The fallout from Harvey Weinstein’s misogynistic abuse is rippling throughout the sordid underbelly of Hollywood.   

With talent abandoning the Weinstein Company in droves, it has begun hemorrhaging investment money in such large amounts that everyone who had a deal in development with the former entertainment powerhouse is in danger of it collapsing.

Weinstein Company is bracing for dozens of lawsuits from women bringing charges ranging from simple sexual harassment all the way to rape. 

With the company’s future uncertain at best, attracting new investors is increasingly unlikely.

With funds drying up, Weinstein’s partners Michael Moore and Quentin Tarantino are left questioning whether their latest works will even see the light of day let alone get the distribution necessary to achieve blockbuster status.

Those with knowledge of the situation are reporting that Michael Moore’ anti-Trump docu-drama Fahrenheit 11/9, previously scheduled for worldwide theatrical release next month, will at best be released on a limited basis, if at all.

It definitely won’t have the impact that Moore was hoping for.

This is because the Weinstein Company owns the worldwide rights to Moore’s film and they will not have the funds to bankroll the launch on the scale that Moore had hoped for.

Moore and Weinstein, both left-wing extremists and major Democrat propagandists, were hopeful that the movie would dissolve what they derogatorily refer to as “Trump’s Teflon shield.”

Suffering from the same uncertain future is Quentin Tarantino’s latest blood-soaked effort that chronicles the Charles Manson murders.  Tarantino has regularly worked with Weinstein over the course of his movie-making career, and like Moore, was counting on a big bucks rollout.

How will we ever live without easy access to the works of these cinematic geniuses and political trolls that have brought little or nothing of value to the big screen ever?

Bob Weinstein, Harvey’s brother, is working behind the scenes to restructure the company so that it might remain a viable financial operation but the extent of the lawsuits now facing the soon-to-be renamed Weinstein Company is likely to cripple those efforts.

The liability won’t be limited to Harvey alone because it has been learned that his behavior was widely known to the company’s investors, executive, and its board.

The New York Times reported, “David Boies, a lawyer who represented Mr. Weinstein when his contract was up for renewal in 2015, said in an interview that the board and the company were made aware at the time of three or four confidential settlements with women.”

As the “Teflon shield” that protects the sexual predators and pedophiles has finally been pierced, Hollywood’s phony moral elitism is about to finally come under long overdue scrutiny.

Michael Moore and Quentin Tarantino have been at the forefront of the culture war against conservatives and evangelicals.  Now it’s their turn under the morality microscope.    Let’s start with these questions, what did they know and when did they know it?

Tarantino has advocated in defense of cop killers and Moore has made a career of trashing Christian conservatives. 

Frankly, we’ll all be better off if they are muted for a while President Trump works to reset the cultural needle.