Sarah Sanders Booted From Restaurant – Kicking the Bear Should Have Consequences

Elder Patriot – Sarah Sanders was denied service at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia last night.  The owner impolitely demanded that Sanders and her party leave her restaurant because she works for President Trump.

The owner, who so far has refused to be identified, should be subject to the same sort of politically-based harassment as right-leaning restaurateurs and bar owners have historically been treated to by Democratic municipal governments.

You know, the usual police cruiser stationed out front checking customers B.A.C. levels.  Strict enforcement of all street parking ordinances. Amped up Board of Health inspections on a more than regular basis.  Regular visits from the Building Department demanding plumbing alterations, improved electrical service, structural integrity checks, and mandated installation of a sprinkler system along with the costs of connecting new feed lines to the main under the street in order to accommodate the increased flow amounts required to power the system.

If some piss ant mayor could do this to me without legal justification, I’m sure an ally of the POTUS can visit the same niceties on the owner of the Red Hen.

Kick the sleeping bear at your own risk.