Riot on Senate Floor: Flamethrower Elizabeth Warren Removed

ELDER PATRIOT – The foundation for the Democrats’ strategy to rebuild their party using the politics of division was laid by Obama’s Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama himself when they helped organize and arranged for the funding of Black Lives Matter. 

BLM developed into more of a terror organization than a peaceful movement but Obama never reprimanded them for their increasingly violent tactics that resulted in the ambushing of police and was at the root of black violence directed towards whites.

When candidate Donald Trump emerged as a serious challenger to Hillary Clinton, BLM was just one of the terror organizations that were ordered to begin undermining virtually every aspect of an orderly democratic election.

To this end, Democrats stood silent as paid protesters, hired and under the direction of the party’s major donors and shockingly in some instances under the orders of Hillary Clinton, were deployed to create civil unrest including tolerating violence by the rioters.

Following the result of the election the Democrats have refused to honor the peaceful transition of power.  Instead they have seized upon the optics of their donor-funded riots to try painting the virulently un-democratic protestors as representative of the majority of Americans. 

This is based in the same reasoning that led to the release of the false polling that the mainstream media perpetrated on the public to try to legitimize Hillary Clinton as president despite a resume of failure and scandal, and who clearly lacked the temperament to be hold any office let alone the highest office in our government.

Proving the Democrats’ intention to continue undermining our popularly elected president, Elizabeth Warren had the temerity to attack her colleague Jeff Sessions in the most vile and disingenuous conceivable.

Despite being warned that she had violated senate rules of comity – and provably lied in doing so – Warren was allowed to continue for an additional 30 minutes at which time she called Sessions a “disgrace.”  At that point Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reclaimed the podium to put an end to her savage and totally baseless rant:

“The senator [Warren] has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama as warned by the chair. Senator Warren, quote, said, ‘Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens.’ I call the Senate to order under the provisions of Rule XIX.”

The presiding then ruled her out of order and the majority of senators voted to have her removed.

The Massachusetts senator’s disgraceful behavior, as deplorable as it was, was not the action of a lone radical leftist.  Rather, this is part of a deliberately orchestrated Democrat plan to divide Americans solely to appeal to their party’s most radical elements.

We were told diversity was our strength.  Now we know that was never true.  For two centuries the Constitution was our strength because it provided every American – native-born or immigrant – the freedom to be the best they could be.  Personal greed motivated people to excel for their betterment and the betterment of their families.  And, the result was America prospered.  That prosperity undergirded our unity.       

Today, because of progressive policy, whole groups of people now feel their path forward demands other groups to fund it or to sacrifice in some other way to guarantee it.  That’s patently un-American but it has been the foundation upon which the Democrats have built their party since giving up on their promotion of slavery.

Essentially, progressives (nee Marxists) were successful in legislating personal greed into a kind of collective greed that they then installed themselves as the only ones with the morality to distribute.  And the vilest politicians began using that power to purchase the loyalty of every group that they could convince to make a case that their failures were the result of others rather than of their own making.

President Trump, recognizes this as he told Bill O’Reilly when O’Reilly asked him if he thought there would be any way to heal the country’s divides this way:

“Yes, I do. I think so.  I think success will do that.  I think jobs will do that.  I think companies coming back into our country will do that.  Yes, I think I can.  Not all the way, I’ll never get it all the way back… I think success, jobs, lots of other things can bring it back.”

The Democrats’ vision for America is unambiguously based on the politics of division and their dishonest twisting of multiculturalism to create an agenda of envy can no longer be questioned.

This explains why Democrats have resorted to obstructionism, whether in the courts or in the senate, as the hill they will die on.  President Trump’s aggressive engagement with the Democrats on this premise – something no president of the past 28 years dared to do – has forced the Democrats onto that hill. 

Hopefully, Donald Trump can rekindle the spirit of self-reliance, as well as making good on his promise to unshackle our economy, so that every American can be part of the American dream rather than relying on the success of others for their survival.