Reverend Raised on the Plantation His Slave Ancestors Once Worked Said This About Trump…

ELDER PATRIOT – Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson is a direct descendent of slaves.  He was even raised on the same plantation where his ancestors once worked.  Rather than let his past hold him back Peterson has become a respected reverend, speaker, author, counselor and talk show host.

On last Friday’s edition of the Jesse Peterson Radio Show, following Trump’s bombastic press conference he told his listeners, “Yesterday, the president held a press conference and I have to tell you it was mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty good. It was like looking at Jesus’s brother handling the ‘children of the lie.’”

The reverend continued, “I want all men to pay attention to the president.  If you want to know what it was like in the good old days when boys were boys and men were men, look at your president.

“If your daddies failed you by not being a real man, God has given you another example.  All right?  So, check it out.

I know the ladies already see because women can recognize a man right away, and they can recognize a girlie man, a weak man right away. They can smell you coming. So they already recognize that Donald Trump is a real man, believe me.

“But I want the guys to recognize it so you can see because many guys say, ‘I don’t have an example of a man. I don’t even know what it looks like.’ If you were to return to the kingdom of Heaven within, the example is there for you. It really is.”

“But since you want something, somebody have to be physical for you, take a look at the president,” Rev. Peterson said.

The Trump train is moving through America inviting all blacks to get on board on it’s way to a prosperous American.  It would be a shame if blacks miss this opportunity again. 

All aboard!!!