Revealed: Hillary’s Drunken Rage Proved She Is Mentally Unfit to Be President

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has a nasty temper.  It’s even nastier when she’s drunk.

Secret Service agents assigned to protecting Mrs. Clinton have confirmed that as the night wore on and her chances of becoming president faded she began drinking…heavily.  That is the reason that her campaign staff wouldn’t allow her to publicly concede to Donald Trump in the early morning hours on Wednesday. 

That is the reason that her visibly shaken campaign’s CEO, John Podesta, came out to make the appearance that she should’ve made. 

Podesta told the anxious crowd of Clinton supporters to “head home.”  He continued, “It’s been a long night and it’s been a long campaign but I can say, we can wait a little longer.”

Protocol prevented Podesta from conceding so his appearance and statement on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf was solely intended to give her time to sober up.

It wasn’t until late the next morning that she had regained enough composure to make a concession speech before the television cameras.

This explains why the final call of Pennsylvania took so long to make even though the result had become obvious to viewers by midnight.  Calls from her campaign staff to the Democrat governor and their friends in the mainstream corporate media bought her staff some extra time to try to figure out what to do with Mrs. Clinton.

Her condition only worsened as she continued drinking to combat her growing sullenness and her behavior became increasingly irrational.  It got so bad that a decision was made to sedate her.

Multiple Secret Service agents confirmed that she began screaming obscenities and throwing anything that wasn’t tied down.  According to an unnamed CNN reporter she became physically violent towards her campaign manager Robby Mook and Mr. Podesta.

Mrs. Clinton’s meltdown was made public a few days after it occurred by radio talker Todd Kincannon who revealed it in a series of tweets.  Kincannon hosts The Kincannon Show.


When Kincannon was asked if Hillary’s behavior had been exacerbated by problems with alcohol he confirmed that he was told that it did.


She was so out of control that the physician attending to her sedated her.

This was far from the only time that Hillary Clinton’s irrational side has sent her into a violent rage.  Secret Service agents assigned to protecting the Clintons when Bill was president became so concerned about the violence she directed at the sitting president that they had numerous meetings to discuss how to protect the president from her.

Kincannon’s next tweet is especially alarming.  When he was asked why the reporter hadn’t reported it he was told that CNN squashed the story.


Why would CNN sit on such a salacious story especially in light of the fact that Hillary Clinton had lost in an electoral landslide with no chance of the decision being reversed? 

Why were the editors at CNN hell bent on continuing to prop up a failed candidate whose behavior on the campaign trail called into question her temperament to be president and especially since her behavior on election night confirmed that fact?

The answer can only be that CNN’s editors decided that once Hillary Clinton had become the icon of the globalist movement inside the United States any negative reporting on her would be a blight on the movement that invented her.  And that could not be permitted,

Instead, CNN and the rest of the mainstream corporate media immediately turned their attention to the street protests being organized and funded by foreign agitators. 

Undermining Donald Trump, now that serves the globalist agenda much better, doesn’t it?