With a Resume Filled With Corruption and Failure the Only Thing Mrs. Clinton Has Left is to Run a Campaign That Lies About Herself and Her Opponent

ELDER PATRIOT – As a young attorney, while a member of the Watergate legal team Mrs. Clinton learned the importance of plausible deniability when committing an unlawful act.  That is why despite so many of her business acquaintances winding up behind bars, Hillary always evaded prosecution.  She had always made certain that there would never be enough evidence to complete the circle of absolute proof necessary to find her guilty.

She became more brazen after her husband became president and she was able to possess and review the FBI files of 900 of Washington’s most powerful and influential politicians, media elite, corporate CEO’s, and political donors. 

This goes a long way to explaining why so many powerful people, that logic tells us should be opposed to her, remain unified in support of her and continue donating whatever they can afford in their attempt to keep their personal peccadillos and improper business dealings secret.  This also explains why these same people are so afraid of a Trump presidency.

In 2008 Mrs. Clinton conceded a hard fought campaign to Barack Obama in exchange for being appointed Secretary of State.  This gave her the platform from which to enrich herself by selling America’s assets to the highest bidders.  Her decisions to make deals with corporate chieftains and foreign governments could be questioned but they could not be prosecuted under the law that protects politicians from decisions that turn out poorly.

The only thing missing was the bank to deposit the payoffs in so that there would be no direct link to Mrs. Clinton and the money.  That bank was the Clinton Foundation and it provided Hillary with the plausible deniability she needed.

So after four decades of political service absent any accomplishments of note, and with a trail of incarcerated and dead associates behind her, Hillary’s only remaining campaign strategy is to paint her opponent as worse than she is.

Finding herself trailing Donald Trump in the polls on the two key issues that are likely to decide this election, national security and the economy, that is what Hillary Clinton did yesterday when she delivered a speech with the intention of defining Donald Trump as lacking the character to be president. 

Listening to her bash Trump called to mind just a few of her past corruption scandals and failed leadership including Whitewater, her attempts to discredit and in some cases destroy the women her husband had violated, sharing State Department secrets with political operatives who lacked the clearance to see them, her callous disregard for the lives of Americans stationed in Benghazi, and her private email server on which she conducted her illicit activities and that she set up expressly so as to create plausible deniability if she found the need to make it disappear were that to become necessary (instead she was forced to try wiping it clean, when her possession of it became known, before handing it over to the FBI.)

Yesterday news broke that Russian hackers had breached DNC computers sending Hillary into a panic.  The hackers had gained possession of a 42-page Democrat National Committee memo that highlights a dizzying array of Clinton Foundation scandal facts the DNC considers ‘vulnerabilities’ for presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton,” as reported by Stephen Bannon and Alexander Marlow of Breitbart. 

Bannon and Marlow reported, “The DNC’s own descriptive headings, which are backed up by mainstream media reports, demonstrate how politically toxic the DNC considers the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Sec. of State.”

The more I listened to Hillary flap her gums while remembering her past, the more apparent it became that she is the one unfit to be president because the years have proven that her only purpose in life is the accumulation of personal wealth without regard to who gets hurt in the process.

Mrs. Clinton has employed plausible deniability to avoid prosecution but the voting public is free to make up their own minds and to vote their consciences.  Let’s hope she finally gets what’s coming to her.