Republicans Vote Overwhelmingly to Give Obama $261 Million More than He Requested

ELDER PATRIOT – The same entrenched Senate Republicans who have opposed Donald Trump contending he’s not a “conservative,” have voted to give President Obama $261 million dollars more than he requested, yesterday.  The funding is earmarked to the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the Department of Interior.

Only eight Republicans voted against authorizing more money than Obama had requested.  Does this sound like fiscal conservatism to you?

McConnell took the occasion to brag that the “Senate is open for business.”  He was, of course, calling out to the K Street lobbyists.  McConnell has proven nothing during his term as leader if not that he’s always willing to spend the people’s money in order to enrich himself and his colleagues.

The term “conservative” has been hijacked by open border, free spending advocates who advocate for international corporations ahead of the American people and then brazenly claim they are the rightful heirs to the party of Lincoln, Reagan and Kemp.

No wonder Donald Trump refused to be labeled a conservative the other night.  He opted, instead, for calling himself a Republican in an attempt to establish some distance from these charlatans.

Remember this about leaders they are like eagles.  They don’t flock.  You find them one at a time.